Plugin ManifestπŸ”—

The manifest file is a JSON file that describes various properties of the plugin. If you use the Yeoman generator, it should be automatically generated based on the answers you've provided. The supported properties are:

Name Type Required? Description
manifest_version number Yes For now should always be "1".
name string Yes Name of the plugin. Should be a user-friendly string, as it will be displayed in the UI.
version string Yes Version number such as "1.0.0".
app_min_version string Yes Minimum version of Joplin that the plugin is compatible with. In general it should be whatever version you are using to develop the plugin.
description string No Detailed description of the plugin.
author string No Plugin author name.
keywords string[] No Keywords associated with the plugins. They are used in search in particular.
homepage_url string No Homepage URL of the plugin. It can also be, for example, a link to a GitHub repository.
repository_url string No Repository URL where the plugin source code is hosted.
categories string[] No Categories that describes the functionality of the plugin.
screenshots Screenshot[] No Screenshots are used for listing on Joplin Plugin website.
icons Icons No If Icons is not supplied, a standard extension icon will be used by default. You should supply at least a main icon, ideally 48x48 px in size. This is the icon that will be used in various plugin pages. You may, however, supply icons of any size and Joplin will attempt to find the best icon to display in different components. Only PNG icons are allowed.


Category Description
appearance dealing with appearance of some element/s of the app. For example line numbers, layout, etc.
developer tools built for the developers.
editor enhancing note editor.
files dealing with files. For example import, export, backup, etc.
integrations integrating third party services or apps.
personal knowledge management managing and organizing notes.
productivity making Joplin more productive to use.
search enhancing search inside the app.
tags dealing with note tags.
themes changing theme of the app.
viewer enhancing the rendering of a note.


Properties Description
src a relative path to src dir.
label description of the image.


Properties Description
16 a relative path to a PNG icon.
32 a relative path to a PNG icon.
48 a relative path to a PNG icon.
128 a relative path to a PNG icon.

Manifest exampleπŸ”—

    "manifest_version": 1,
    "name": "Joplin Simple Plugin",
    "description": "To test loading and running a plugin",
    "version": "1.0.0",
    "author": "John Smith",
    "app_min_version": "1.4",
    "homepage_url": "",
    "screenshots": [{
        "src": "path/to/image.png",
        "label": "image description"
    "icons": {
      "16": "path/to/icon16.png",
      "32": "path/to/icon32.png",
      "48": "path/to/icon48.png",
      "128": "path/to/icon128.png"