An open source note taking and to-do application with synchronisation capabilities

Joplin terminal app changelog🔗

cli-v1.4.9 - 2020-11-26T15:00:37Z🔗

  • Improved: Allow exporting conflict notes (#4095)
  • Improved: Allow lowercase filters when doing search
  • Improved: Refresh sidebar and notes when moving note outside of conflict folder
  • Fixed: Fix handling of new line escaping when using external edit
  • Fixed: Fixed importing certain ENEX files that contain invalid dates

cli-v1.4.3 - 2020-11-06T21:19:29Z🔗

IMPORTANT: If you use the web API, please note that there are a few breaking changes in this release. See here for more information:

  • New: API: Adds ability to paginate data (#3983)
  • Fixed: Display proper error message when decryption worker cannot be started (#4000)
  • Fixed: Fixed OneDrive authentication
  • Fixed: Fixed sync issue when importing ENEX files that contain new line characters in the source URL attribute (#3955)

cli-v1.3.3 - 2020-10-23T16:00:38Z🔗

  • Improved: Added support for a custom S3 URL (#3921) (#3691 by @aaron)
  • Improved: Allow setting note geolocation attributes via API (#3884)
  • Improved: Import <strike>,<s> tags (strikethrough) from Evernote (#3936 by Ian Slinger)
  • Improved: Removed OneDrive Dev sync target which was not really useful
  • Improved: Sort search results by average of multiple criteria, including 'Sort notes by' field setting (#3777 by @shawnaxsom)
  • Improved: Sort tags in a case-insensitive way
  • Improved: Updated installation script with BSD support (#3930 by Andros Fenollosa)
  • Fixed: Crash when trying to change app locale (#3847)
  • Fixed: Fix search filters when language is in Korean or with accents (#3947 by Naveen M V)
  • Fixed: Fixed freeze when importing ENEX as HTML, and fixed potential error when importing resources (#3958)
  • Fixed: Fixed setting issue that would cause a password to be saved in plain text in the database, even when the keychain is working
  • Fixed: Importing ENEX as HTML was importing as Markdown (#3923)
  • Fixed: Regression: Fix export of pluginAssets when exporting to html/pdf (#3927 by Caleb John)

cli-v1.2.3 - 2020-10-09T11:17:18Z🔗

  • Improved: Improved handling of database migration failures

cli-v1.2.2 - 2020-09-29T11:33:53Z🔗

  • Fixed: Fixed crash due to missing spellfix extension
  • Fixed: Fixed link generation when exporting to PDF or HTML (#3780)
  • Fixed: Improved handling of special characters when exporting to Markdown (#3760)

cli-v1.2.1 - 2020-09-23T11:15:12Z🔗

  • Fixed: Fixed crash due to missing spellfix extension
  • Fixed: Fixed link generation when exporting to PDF or HTML (#3780)
  • Fixed: Improved handling of special characters when exporting to Markdown (#3760)

cli-v1.1.8 - 2020-09-21T12:02:29Z🔗

  • Improved: Do not prevent export when one item is still encrypted
  • Improved: Fix keytar library being loaded up in FreeBSD. (#3712) (#3711 by Jose Esteve)
  • Fixed: Fixed note export when there are folders with non-existing parents. Also fixed long path issue on Windows. (#3689)
  • Fixed: Increased file extension limit to 20 to prevent issue when using external editors (#3696)

cli-v1.0.168 - 2020-09-14T08:47:08Z🔗

  • Improved: Implemented reliable way to sync device and server clocks

cli-v1.0.167 - 2020-09-04T17:15:49Z🔗

  • New: Add mechanism to lock and upgrade sync targets (#3524)
  • Improved: Add search filters (#3213) (#1877 by Naveen M V)
  • Improved: Add support for OneDrive for Business (#3433) (#1266 by @jonath92)
  • Improved: Added link navigation shortcuts (#3275) (#3217 by j-krl)
  • Improved: When searching, weight notes using Okapi BM25 score (#3454 by Naveen M V)
  • Fixed: Fixed sync fetching issue (#3599) (#3591 by @alexchee)

cli-v1.0.166 - 2020-08-02T14:03:26Z🔗

  • New: Add support for AWS S3 synchronisation (Beta) (#2815 by @alexchee)
  • Fixed: Desktop-only scripts were incorrectly being loaded in CLI server tool (#3548)
  • Fixed: Fix filename when exporting notebook as Markdown (#3473)
  • Fixed: Fixed attachments being out of order when importing Enex file

cli-v1.0.165 - 2020-07-10T18:51:42Z🔗

  • New: Translation: Add bahasa indonesia (id_ID.po) (#3246 by @ffadilaputra)
  • Improved: Allow importing ENEX files as HTML
  • Improved: Disable support for HTML export for now as it does not work
  • Improved: Upload attachments > 4 MB when using OneDrive (#3195) (#173 by @TheOnlyTrueJonathanHeard)
  • Fixed: Fixed import of checkboxes in ENEX files (#3402)
  • Fixed: Fixed various bugs related to the import of ENEX files as HTML
  • Fixed: Only de-duplicate imported notebook titles when needed (#2331)
  • Fixed: Prevent desktop.ini file from breaking sync lock (#3381)
  • Fixed: Prevent notebook to be the parent of itself (#3334)
  • Fixed: Sync would fail in some cases due to a database error (#3234)

cli-v1.0.164 - 2020-05-13T15:30:22Z🔗

  • New: Added support for basic search
  • Improved: Improve automatic title generation (#2955) (#2915 by anirudh murali)
  • Improved: Improve handling of encrypted items
  • Improved: Made layout configurable (#3069 by @jyuvaraj03)
  • Improved: Start resource fetcher service when a note has been decrypted
  • Fixed: Better handling of missing table field bug on Linux (#3088)
  • Fixed: Fix format of geolocation data (#2673 by @mic704b)

cli-v1.0.163 - 2020-04-10T18:31:50Z🔗

  • Improved: Update ko.po (#2986 by @xmlangel)
  • Improved: Update it_IT.po (#2978 by @abonte)
  • Improved: Update nb_NO.po (#2973 by Mats Estensen)
  • Improved: Update zh_CN.po (#2971 by @troilus)
  • Fixed: Add support for retrying decryption after it has failed multiple times (#2981)
  • Fixed: When modifying a conflicted note, it would disappear from the view (#2709)
  • Fixed: Prevent decryption loop when a resource cannot be decrypted (#2257)

cli-v1.0.162 - 2020-04-01T17:16:14Z🔗

  • New: Compatibility with new master key and sync target encryption

cli-v1.0.161 - 2020-03-07T01:20:04Z🔗

  • New: Add more context to encryption errors
  • Improved: Changed default encryption method to CCM
  • Improved: Change geolocation service to to improve privacy (#2503 by Helmut K. C. Tessarek)
  • Fixed: Handle invalid UTF-8 data when encrypting (#2591)
  • Fixed: Fixed issue when a notebook does not have a parent (#2536)
  • Fixed: Better handling of rare error in WebDAV server (#2485)
  • Fixed: Fix importing of very large attachments (150MB+) from Evernote ENEX files

cli-v1.0.154 - 2020-02-07T23:22:24Z🔗

  • New: Added new date format YYYY.MM.DD (#2318 by XSAkos)
  • Improved: Reset time fields when duplicating a note (#2428 by @tekdel)
  • Improved: More info for "unknown profile version" error message (#2361 by @mic704b)
  • Improved: Handle Thai language in search (#2387) (#2279 by Kirtan Purohit)
  • Fixed: Fix escaping of title when generating a markdown link (#2456) (#2085 by Helmut K. C. Tessarek)
  • Fixed: Fix console messages being displayed in GUI (#2457 by Helmut K. C. Tessarek)

cli-v1.0.153 - 2020-01-24T23:16:32Z🔗

  • New: Added new, more secure encryption methods, so that they can be switched to at a later time
  • New: Add --export, --import, and --import-file flags to joplin config (#2179 by Marcus Hill)
  • New: Added more logging for resource fetching to try to debug issue
  • New: Add warning message when user tries to upload a file 10MB or larger (#2102) (#2097 by Marcus Hill)
  • Improved: Replace note links with relative paths in MD Exporter (#2161 by Vaidotas Simkus)
  • Improved: Upgrade sqlite (#2248 by Devon Zuegel)
  • Improved: Extract note renderer to separate package (WIP) (#2206 by Laurent Cozic)
  • Improved: Better handling of resource download errors, and added resource info to sync status screen
  • Improved: Update Node dependency to 10+ (#2177 by @joeltaylor)
  • Improved: Allow exporting a note as HTML
  • Improved: Improved logging during sync to allow finding bugs more easily
  • Fixed: Handle WebDAV servers that do not return a last modified date (fixes (#2091)
  • Fixed: Restaured translations that had been accidentally deleted (#2126)
  • Fixed: Prevent synch from happening if target dir could not be created, in local sync (#2117)
  • Fixed: Handle rare case when notebook has a parent that no longer exists, which causes a crash when sorting (#2088)

cli-v1.0.150 - 2019-11-11T19:19:03Z🔗

  • New: Add command to list all tags for a note (#2003) (#1974)
  • New: Added concept of sync version and client ID to allow upgrading sync targets
  • Improved: Set user-agent header to Joplin/1.0 (#2064) (#2042)
  • Improved: Update sharp tp v0.23.2 (for node 13 compatibility) (#2063)
  • Improved: Handle special shortcuts such as Ctrl+H
  • Improved: Handle WebDAV server with empty XML namespaces (#2002)
  • Improved: Allow apps to work with read-only profile
  • Improved: Support italic in span tags (#1966)
  • Improved: Allow setting user timestamps with "set" command
  • Improved: Allow a sync client to lock a sync target, so that migration operations can be performed on it
  • Improved: Give correct mime type to more file types
  • Improved: Use profile temp dir when exporting files (#1932)
  • Improved: Confirm encryption password (#1937)
  • Fixed: Handle paths with spaces for text editor (#2039)
  • Fixed: Apply default style to notes in HTML format (#1960)
  • Fixed: Fixed translation of "Synchronisation Status" (#1906)
  • Fixed: App would crash if trying to index a note that has not been decrypted yet (#1938)

cli-v1.0.149 - 2019-09-27T21:18:57Z🔗

  • New: Add support to Termux by returning a default when platform name cannot be determined (#1905)

cli-v1.0.148 - 2019-09-27T18:42:36Z🔗

  • Improved: Improves deletion fail-safe so it is based on percentage of notes deleted. And display warning on sidebar.
  • Improved: Log last requests in case of a sync error

cli-v1.0.147 - 2019-09-25T21:26:24Z🔗

  • New: Import Evernote notes as HTML (#1887)
  • New: Added fail-safe to prevent data from being wiped out when the sync target is empty
  • Improved: Also allow importing TXT files with markdown
  • Improved: Upgrade joplin-turndown-plugin-gfm to fix import of certain Enex tables
  • Fixed: Fixed import of notes that contain links with hashes
  • Fixed: Fixed link issue following last update

cli-v1.0.146 - 2019-09-08T19:12:41Z🔗

  • Fixed: Fixed regression that was making installation fail

cli-v1.0.145 - 2019-09-08T16:23:02Z🔗

  • New: Added headless server command (Beta) (#1860)
  • Improved: Improved bold formatting support in Enex import (#1708)
  • Improved: Make translation files smaller by not including untranslated strings. Also add percentage translated to config screen. (#1459)
  • Fixed: Make sure setting side-effects are applied even when running in command line mode (#1779)
  • Fixed: Fix typo on encryption options screen (#1823)
  • Fixed: Fixes fatal error with cli 1.0.141 on start (#1791)

cli-v1.0.137 - 2019-05-19T11:04:28Z🔗

  • Fixed: Fixed method to autosize resource

cli-v1.0.136 - 2019-05-19T10:19:22Z🔗

  • Improved: Put back "Fetched items" message during sync
  • Fixed: Handle missing resource blob when setting resource size
  • Fixed: Prevent app from trying to upload resource it has not downloaded yet

cli-v1.0.135 - 2019-05-13T22:59:14Z🔗

  • New: Added option to disable creation of welcome items
  • New: Support for note history (#1415) (#712)
  • Improved: Save size of a resource to the database; and added mechanism to run non-database migrations
  • Improved: Display better error message when trying to sync with a new sync target from an old version of Joplin
  • Improved: Update sharp (for node 12 compatibility) (#1471)
  • Fixed: Do not resize images if they are already below the max dimensions
  • Fixed: Allow resources greater than 10 MB but they won't be synced on mobile (#371)
  • Fixed: Bump sqlite3 to v4.0.7 for node12 support (#1508)
  • Fixed: Prevents notes with no title to break after synchronize (#1472)
  • Fixed: Import lists and sub-lists from Enex files with correct indentation (#1476)

cli-v1.0.125 - 2019-04-29T18:38:05Z🔗

  • Improved: Improved support for Japanese, Chinese, Korean search queries (also applies to Goto Anything)
  • Improved: Display warning when changing dir for filesystem sync
  • Fixed: Remove message "Processing a path that has already been done" as this is not an error (#1353)
  • Fixed: Some resources could incorrectly be deleted even though they are still present in a note. Also added additional verifications before deleting a resource. (#1433)
  • Fixed: Handle invalid resource tags that contain no data when importing ENEX (#1405)
  • Fixed: Restored inline code styling (#1326)