External URL links🔗

This feature allows creation of links to notes, folder, and tags. When opening such link Joplin will start, unless it's already running, and open the corresponding item.

To create a link, right click a note, a folder, or a tag in the sidebar and select "Copy external link". The link will be copied to clipboard.

Link format🔗

  • joplin://x-callback-url/openNote?id=<note id> for note
  • joplin://x-callback-url/openFolder?id=<folder id> for folder
  • joplin://x-callback-url/openTag?id=<tag id> for tag

Known problems🔗

On macOS if Joplin isn't running it will start but it won't open the note. If Joplin is running but on a different space as the external link, then Joplin will come to the foreground but without displaying the note.