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Rules to submit a pull request🔗

Due to our limited resources and in order to give everyone a chance to submit a pull request, we have put restrictions in place this year. If you want to submit a pull request, please take into account the following rules:

  1. Pull requests must be based on an issue that existed before GSoC was started, or based on an issue created by a moderator.

  2. Each contributor may only create one pull request at a time. In some rare cases, once your pull request has been merged, you may be allowed to post a second one, in which case we will let you know. We have this rule in place due to our limited resources - if everyone was allowed to post multiple pull requests we will not be able to review them properly. It is also better for you because you only need to care about one PR - so spend time making sure it is as good as it can be - make sure it works well, has test units, documentation and screenshots (if relevant).

  3. If the pull request has serious issues, or would require a significant rewrite to be acceptable, we might closed it and you will not be allowed to open a new one. So please be careful when posting a PR.

  4. If you are borrowing code, please disclose it. It is fine and sometimes even recommended to borrow code, but we need to know about it to assess your work. If we find out that your pull request contains a lot of code copied from elsewhere, we will close the pull request.

  5. All pull request must have test units. If for some reason it is not possible to add tests, please let us know and explain why.

  6. No Work In Progress. ONLY completed and working pull requests, and with test units, will be accepted. A WIP would fall under rule 3 and be closed immediately.

These rules we hope are fair to everyone, to contributors and maintainers, however if something is unclear or you have any question about them, please let us know!