Call for Google Summer of Code mentors!🔗

A message from PackElend, who's been helping us organise GSoC this year (and last year)

* * *

Hi Community,

we are going to apply for the GSoC student slots next week, soon we know what can be done this season.

To put us in a comfortable position it would be appreciated if there would another handful of people who would mentor a project.

Is there anyone interested in doing so?

* * *

Here is some information about the role of a mentor:

After student selection🔗

  • Ensure your student is ready & active. They should have a dev environment, be regularly communicating in the community, and have prepared a project plan together with you.
  • Read the GSoC Mentoring Manual and ask questions if you have them.
  • If the student is not active during the community bonding period, please contact the organization administrators.

During the program🔗

  • Help your student be successful. Commit to spending a minimum of 4 hours each week answering questions, giving advice, working with your student on blockers.
  • Agree with the students how many times per week they should write a progress report. Ensure that they deliver this report on time each week, and evaluate their progress.
  • You might have adjust goals based on their progress.