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  • onMessage(contentScriptId: string, callback: any): Promise<void>
  • Listens to a messages sent from the content script using postMessage(). See ContentScriptType for more information as well as the postMessage demo


    • contentScriptId: string
    • callback: any


  • Registers a new content script. Unlike regular plugin code, which runs in a separate process, content scripts run within the main process code and thus allow improved performances and more customisations in specific cases. It can be used for example to load a Markdown or editor plugin.

    Note that registering a content script in itself will do nothing - it will only be loaded in specific cases by the relevant app modules (eg. the Markdown renderer or the code editor). So it is not a way to inject and run arbitrary code in the app, which for safety and performance reasons is not supported.

    The plugin generator provides a way to build any content script you might want to package as well as its dependencies. See the Plugin Generator doc for more information.

    See also the postMessage demo


    • type: ContentScriptType

      Defines how the script will be used. See the type definition for more information about each supported type.

    • id: string

      A unique ID for the content script.

    • scriptPath: string

      Must be a path relative to the plugin main script. For example, if your file content_script.js is next to your index.ts file, you would set scriptPath to "./content_script.js.