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Optional advanced

advanced: boolean

An advanced setting will be moved under the "Advanced" button in the config screen.

Optional appTypes

appTypes: AppType[]

Reserved property. Not used at the moment.

Optional description

description: string

Optional isEnum

isEnum: boolean

To create a setting with multiple options, set this property to true. That setting will render as a dropdown list in the configuration screen.


label: string

Optional maximum

maximum: number

Optional minimum

minimum: number

Set the min, max and step values if you want to restrict an int setting to a particular range.

Optional options

options: Record<any, any>

This property is required when isEnum is true. In which case, it should contain a map of value => label.


public: boolean

A public setting will appear in the Configuration screen and will be modifiable by the user. A private setting however will not appear there, and can only be changed programmatically. You may use this to store some values that you do not want to directly expose.

Optional section

section: string

You would usually set this to a section you would have created specifically for the plugin.

Optional secure

secure: boolean

Set this to true to store secure data, such as passwords. Any such setting will be stored in the system keychain if one is available.

Optional step

step: number

Optional storage

Either store the setting in the database or in settings.json. Defaults to database.

Optional subType

Currently only used to display a file or directory selector. Always set type to SettingItemType.String when using this property.



value: any