A plugin to create variables that can be accesed through all the notes.

Additional Information

Maintainers: dantecoder
Minimum app version:2.2
Downloads: This version:932
Last updated:2022-07-24T23:35:53Z

Note Variables Plugin

With this plugin you can create string variables that can be used across all your notes.


To begin you need to create a new Variables Note, you can do that by clicking on Note > "Create variables note":

Inside the Variables Note you can add as many string variables as you need inside the created table:

To use the variables in a note you have to write an inline code like import Variables1 AnotherVariables. The rendered text will turn green if the import was succesful, and red if the plugin could not find the Variables Note:

Usage notes

  • Every Variables Note must have a different name and without spaces. If two Variable Notes have the same name the plugin will use the first one it finds.
  • Every variable in a Variable Note must have a different name, otherwise just the first of the same name will be used.
  • You can import multiple Note Variables in a single note, but if they have variables with the same name the variables from the rightmost import will take priority.
  • Sometimes after starting Joplin, you have to switch notes to see the variables replaced on the note.


You can install it directly from Options > Plugins > Search for "Note Variables".

Bugs, feature requests or contributions

Please report any bugs you find, or any feature request you have on the GitHub Issues page Feel free to contribute to the plugin making a pull request to the Dev branch.