Native looking macOS theme for Joplin. Also works on non-macOS devices.

Additional Information

Maintainers: andrejilderda
Minimum app version:2.2.4
Downloads: This version:3703
Last updated:2023-12-28T19:38:02Z

macOS theme for Joplin

Native looking macOS theme for note taking app Joplin v2.2.4 and above. Also works on non-macOS devices.

macOS theme for Joplin

  • ✨ Completely styled UI, including all controls,
  • 🌜 Choose between light, dark, light with dark sidebar or auto (light/dark based on system preferences),
  • 👌 Use native icons (macOS only) or Phosphor icon family,
  • 👨‍🎨 Easy to customise via Joplin preferences.


  • Open Joplin preferences › 'Plugins', search for 'macOS theme' and install the theme.
  • Restart Joplin. Enjoy!

Make sure you set ‘Appearance › Theme’ to either ‘Light’ or ‘Dark’. If you experience a flash when switching notebooks sync the Light/Dark-settings under ‘Appearance › Theme’ with the value selected under ‘macOS theme › Appearance’. For more customisation options see below.


After installing you can find an extra item named 'macOS theme' in Joplin's preferences. You need to restart Joplin for the changes to apply.

Mac users: If you want to use the native icons, download and install SF Pro from the Apple website here.

No icons?

If you have the 'Icon family'-setting set to 'macOS native (SF Pro)' you need to have SF Pro installed from the Apple website. Note that this only works on macOS-devices.


⚠️ Joplin uses styled-components for styling, which makes it incredibly hard to theme the app. A lot of hacky CSS workarounds and !important’s were used. These may cause UI issues with future Joplin releases. Since it's just CSS, your data remains safe and you can easily revert the styles.

Feel free to create an issue or post a message on the forum if you run into issues.


You can tweak the theme via Joplin's preferences. If you want to go all out follow the following steps to make your own build.

Install dependencies:

npm install

To build the plugin:

npm run dist

To update the plugin framework:

npm run update

To build just the CSS and watch for changes:

npm run dev

The generated CSS will be available at: http://localhost:8080/macos-theme-for-joplin.css.

You may want to refresh the CSS when Joplin gets focus. To do so toggle Joplin's devtools and paste this script in the console.