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Font Size Shortcut


Adds shortcuts to increase/decrease font size

Additional Information

Maintainers: makb
Minimum app version:2.7
Downloads: This version:2285
Last updated:2022-05-25T07:35:04Z

Keyboard Shortcut for Editor Font Size

This plugins adds shortcut to increase/decrease Editor(markdown only) Font size

Default shortcuts

Name Default Shortcut
Increase Editor Font Size CmdOrCtrl+Shift+]
Decrease Editor Font Size CmdOrCtrl+Shift+[

These can be modified from Keyboard Shortcuts section.

From plugins settings, you have option to keep font size for current session only.

After installing this plugins, 2 menu items will be added to Tools

  1. Increase Editor Font Size
  2. Decrease Editor Font Size

Also there will be 2 buttons added in toolbar:

Last two buttons were added to change font size