Retrieve Atlassian Jira issues information using their api in order to track the status of them from your Joplin notes.

Additional Information

Maintainers: marc0l92
Minimum app version:1.7
Downloads: This version:795
Last updated:2022-07-09T09:36:19Z

Joplin Plugin - Jira Issue

WARNING: I moved my notes to and I will not provide additional support to this plugin. Pull requests are welcome.

This plugin allows you to track the progress of Atlassian Jira issues from your Joplin notes.

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1. Install the plugin

Automatic installation

Use the Joplin plugin manager to install it (Joplin > Options > Plugins)

Plugin Install

Manual installation

  • Download the last release from this repository.
  • Open Joplin > Options > Plugins > Install from File
  • Select the jpl file you downloaded.

2. Configure connection

In the option menu you must configure the connection to your company Atlassian Jira server: host, username and password.

There are three authentication methods:

  • Open: username and password fields must be empty.
  • Basic: username and password fields must be filled.
  • Bearer: username field must be empty and password field must contain the token.


3. Markdown syntax

Issues tracking

Is it possible to track an issue in two ways:

Type Markdown Syntax Rendering
<JiraIssue key="STORM-2055">
Inline Rendering
# This is a comment
Inline Rendering

In order to view more details about the issue it is possible to expand it:

Expand Issue

JQL Search

Is it possible to show the results of JQL query in a table using one of the following syntax

<JiraSearch jql="resolution = Unresolved AND assignee = currentUser() AND status = 'In Progress' order by priority DESC">
# This is a comment
resolution = Unresolved AND assignee = currentUser() AND status = 'In Progress' order by priority DESC
# Here another query
status = 'Open' order by priority DESC

Search results

Menu shortcuts

If you don't remember the syntax to create a JiraIssue or a JiraSearch block you can use the templates in the tools menu and context menu

Tools Menu

Context Menu

Extra hints

  • If you need to use the double quotes (") in the JiraSearch inline query you can replace them with (') or the html tag &quot;
  • The tag names are case insensitive
  • This plugin is modifying the HTML rendering of the markdown so the WYSIWYG editor is not supported


If you want to contribute to this plugin you can find here some useful references:

Knows issues to compile the plugin

In case of node.js v17 or above, set this flag to install the dependencies while running them with git bash:

export NODE_OPTIONS=--openssl-legacy-provider
npm install