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Container with Classes


Plugin for creating block-level containers with classes for customization

Additional Information

Maintainers: hieuthi
Minimum app version:2.2
Downloads: This version:858
Last updated:2021-11-18T07:34:09Z

Container with Classes

Plugin for creating block-level containers with classes for Joplin notes, it is based on markdown-it-container with some changes.

::: classname1 classname2 classname3
**Bold Text**

which will be rendered as follow:

<div class="classname1 classname2 classname3">
  <strong>Bold Text</strong>

For nested div the parent need to have more ":" than childs:

:::::: parentclass

Parent text

::: childclass
**Bold Text**


Why do you want to use this plugin instead of directly write html tag? It is markdown-like


There is no pre-defined class, you have to define them within the note or in userstyle.css yourself. You can copy the content of to joplin to see some simple examples. It includes:

  • Multi-column Paragraph
  • Center-Aligned Paragraph
  • Always-On Drawer
  • Vertical Right-to-Left Paragraph
  • Custom Container