Switch to designated notes using keyboard shortcuts

Additional Information

Maintainers: hieuthi
Minimum app version:2.2
Downloads: This version:641
Last updated:2021-11-08T08:04:05Z

Quick Goto

This plugin create several keyboard shortcuts to quickly jump to designated notes or different part of the same note.


The default setting has 4 shortcuts but you can increase them to 9 or reduce to just 1.

To use these shortcuts, you first need to assign note to a slot by open a note then choose Tools > Quick Goto - Assign > [Slot].

Be default, the shortcut will be anchored to the nearest heading (upward) which means you can use the plugin to jump to different part of the same note as well.

To jump to the designated note you can choose Tools > Quick Goto > [Slot] or press the keyboard shortcut assigned to it (Default: CmdOrCtrl+1, CmdOrCtrl+2, and so on).

The alias of the slot can be changed in the plugin setting to suite your needs, while the keyboard shortcut can be customized in Keyboard Shortcut.

You can optionally enable keyboard shortcut for Assign action and silently Assign note without showing confirm dialog by changing the plugin setting.