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Joplin Evernote Links Replacer


Replace Evernote links in Joplin

Additional Information

Maintainers: cysacenda
Minimum app version:2.12
Downloads: This version:321
Last updated:2023-10-19T05:38:45Z

Joplin Plugin

Joplin Link Replacement Plugin


This plugin is designed to streamline the migration from Evernote to Joplin. It automatically scans all notes imported from Evernote and replaces internal Evernote links with the corresponding Joplin links.


Automatically scans all notes. Converts Evernote links in the format evernote:///view/... to Joplin links in the format :/NOTE_ID. It will only work if the title of the evernote link is the same as the note title it links to. Displays process information through Joplin's user interface.

How to Use

Install the plugin via Joplin's Plugin Manager. Once installed and activated (after Joplin restart), the plugin will go through all notes and make the necessary replacements.


If you encounter any issues with this plugin or have suggestions for improvements, please open an issue on the project's GitHub page.

For information on how to build or publish the plugin, please see