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Advanced Tagging Rules


Allow tags to be subsets of other tags, write rules to move tagged notes to a folder

Additional Information

Maintainers: nhobbs
Minimum app version:2.8
Downloads: This version:219
Last updated:2024-03-10T08:11:00Z

Advanced Tags

Write rules to update your tags/notes within your Joplin notebooks. Warning: this plugin is experimental. Use at your own risk.

Rules are writen as notes anywhere in your Joplin instance. You just have to tag them with a specific tag so that they can be found and applied. All rules must be valid JSON to work.

Below are some of the things you can do with this plugin.

Move Tagged Notes To Notebook

We can write a rule that moves tagged notes into a specific notebook when run. For example, every day I create a new logbook note, and at the end of the week I'd like to move them from my Desk notebook into my Logbook folder to keep things tidy.

The rule I write would look like this

  "tag": "log",
  "toNotebook": "Logbook",
  "fromNotebook": "Desk"

The fromNotebook field is optional, leave it off to move from any notebook. This may be slow if you have a lot of notes with this tag.

I will put this into a note anywhere in Joplin and tag it with #joplin-move-tag-rule. The specific tag required can be changed in Joplin's settings.

I can then run this rule at the end of the week by running :moveTaggedNotes from the CMD+P menu.

Add Parent Tags

This plugin lets you run a command to add a tag to every note with a given tag.

For example, I have a few notes in my Notebook about number theory and topology.

Notebook contents:

  • Prime numbers #primes #number-theory
  • Natural number #number-theory
  • Torus #topology

As you can see, I've tagged these notes with relevant tags.

I now realise, that I often find myself wanting to look at notes tagged either #number-theory or #topology. It'd be really handy if I had tagged them all #mathematics. Now I could use the search feature and add the tag, but I want to ensure that any future notes also get #mathematics added to them.

Using this plugin I can make a new rule to specify this relationship. If I make a note tagged #joplin-parent-tag-relation (the specific tag is configurable) and populate it with the following JSON contents:

  "number-theory": "mathematics",
  "topology": "mathematics"

We can then add the mathematics tag to any #number-theory or #topology tagged notes just by running :updateTags in the CMD + P menu.

Deduplicate tags

One problem with my notebook was that behind the scenes there were actually two tags named #number-theory. I've added a command to delete the duplicate tags. This is likely highly risky. Please make a backup before running this.

Rename tags

This rule lets you make sure you're consistent with your tags. For example if it finds the tag #maths it automatically renames to #mathematics. An example rule file for this would look like:

  "mathematics": ["math", "maths"],
  "compsci": ["computer science"]

Note that the tags #mathematics and #compsci must exist already or this won't work.