A simple event calendar

Additional Information

Maintainers: francospeziali
Minimum app version:2.7
Downloads: This version:1577
Last updated:2023-02-16T22:37:34Z

Event Calendar Plugin for Joplin

This is a plugin for the Joplin note-taking app.

It creates a calendar view of events that have been specified using the YAML syntax within a fenced block.

  • Organises events into "groupings"; you can group events by day, week, or month
  • Focus is on readability and simplicity of content, which is why the YAML is simple in structure
Example Day view



  • A grouping that contains no events will show the date (day grouping), week number (week grouping), month (month grouping), or year (year grouping)
  • If a grouping falls under the current date, it is highlighted in yellow
  • Events can be specified in any order
  • Events can be assigned an icon 🎁 such as an emoji
  • Events without an icon will use the first 2 characters from the title

How to use

Create a fenced block with the codetype joplin-plugin-event-calendar

Example with one event

group: day
- date: 2012-11-05
  icon: 🔥
  title: Bonfire night
  text: We have been collecting wood for a week now...
  bgColor: orange

Events are specified using the YAML syntax, with the following keys:


Sets the grouping for the view

  • optional
  • default day
  • accepts : day, week, month, d, w, m


Each individual event is a list with its own properties


The date of the event

  • required
  • accepts : yyyy-mm-dd or mm-dd-yyyy


  • optional
  • accepts : string

The icon for the event


The title or heading of the event

  • required
  • accepts : string


A more detailed description of the event

  • optional
  • accepts : string


The background color for the event container

  • optional
  • default : random
  • accepts : string


This project was inspired by the Joplin Life Calendar Plugin