Generate a mindmap using markmap

Additional Information

Maintainers: danielfomin
Minimum app version:2.8
Downloads: This version:1134
Last updated:2023-11-27T23:08:37Z

Joplin Markmap Plugin

This plugin allows the usage of markmap to visualize the current note in form of a mindmap.


To access the mindmap open the note and click on the diagram icon seen in the taskbar. Zooming as well as paning can be done with the mouse. Each node is collapseable by clicking on it. It is possible to export the mindmap to a html file, a PNG file, a SVG file and to the note itself. The plugin can be triggered by a hotkey (per default Ctrl/CMD + Shift + M).

All settings (described here) can be set under Tools > Options > Plugins > MarkMap


  • [x] Save to various formats (SVG, PNG, to note itself)
    • [x] Save to SVG
    • [x] Save to PNG
    • [x] Save to HTML (Online)
    • [x] Save to note
  • [x] Show control indicators (zoom, move in a direction)
  • [x] Explain controls on the mindmap
  • [ ] Write Tests
  • [x] Dynamically use note title as mindmap root
  • [x] License
  • [ ] Local setting per note

Known bugs

  • Because of note sanitization some math commands (e.g. \lt) are not visualised correctly (e.g. <)
  • When the developer window is open the mindmap does not load in some cases, leaving the window empty
  • When opening an exported svg in the firefox browser some labels appear to be cropped


The discussion can be found on Discourse.