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Combine one or more notes

Additional Information

Maintainers: jackgruber
Minimum app version:1.8.1
Downloads: This version:1504
Last updated:2024-01-11T19:37:36Z

Joplin Combine notes

Plugin to combine one or more notes to a new one.



  • Go to Tools > Options > Plugins
  • Search for combine-notes
  • Click Install plugin
  • Restart Joplin to enable the plugin


  • Download the latest released JPL package (io.github.jackgruber.combine-notes.jpl) from here
  • Close Joplin
  • Copy the downloaded JPL package in your profile plugins folder
  • Start Joplin


  • Select multiple notes to be combined into a new one
  • Click on Tools > Combine selected notes or use the command Combine selected notes from the context menu


Go to Tools > Options > Combine notes

  • Create combined note as to-do: New note is created as To-Do. Default false
  • Delete combined notes: Delete combined notes, after note creation. Default false
  • Preserve Source Note Titles: Titles of source notes will be embedded in new note. Default true.
  • Preserve Source URL: The source URL will be added to the new note. Default false
  • Preserve Created Date: The Created Date will be added to the new note. Default false
  • Preserve Updated Date: The Updated Date will be added to the new note. Default false
  • Preserve Location: The Location (Latitude, Longitude, Altitude) will be added to the new note. Default false
  • Metadata Prefix: The entered text is output before the metadata (URL, Date, Location).
  • Metadata Suffix: The entered text is output after the metadata (URL, Date, Location).
  • Title of the combined note: New title of the combined note. Default Combined note.
  • Custom note title: New note title with possible variables {{FIRSTTITLE}}, {{LASTTITLE}}, {{ALLTITLE}} and {{DATE}}.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Under Options > Keyboard Shortcuts you can assign a keyboard shortcut for the following commands:

  • Combine selected notes




See Changelog