Screenshot: Showing the hotfolder settings


Monitors a locale folder and import the files as a new note.

Additional Information

Maintainers: jackgruber
Minimum app version:1.8.1
Downloads: This version:942
Last updated:2024-01-11T20:07:56Z

Joplin Hotfolder Plugin

A plugin to Monitor a locale folder and import the files as a new note.



  • Go to Tools > Options > Plugins
  • Search for Hotfolder
  • Click Install plugin
  • Restart Joplin to enable the plugin


  • Download the latest released JPL package (io.github.jackgruber.hotfolder.jpl) from here
  • Close Joplin
  • Copy the downloaded JPL package in your profile plugins folder
  • Start Joplin


First configure the Plugin under Tools > Options > Hotfolder!

Each newly created file in the hotfolder is automatically created as a new note. The files are added as attachments unless the file extension is defined as Add as text. After processing the file are deleted from the hotfolder.


Go to Tools > Options > Backup

Option Description Default
Hotfolder Path Files from this path will be imported as new notes.
Ignore Files Comma separated list of files to be ignored.
Wildcards (*) or RegExp possible.
To ignore a file with a * in the name, escape the * with a \, example: test\*file.log
.* (Dot files like .DS_Store)
Add as text Files with this file extension are imported as text and not as attachment. .txt, .md
Add text as Todo When checked, text notes will be imported as Todo type notes.
Notebook In which notebook should the note be created.
Subnotebooks can be defined via Project\Scans.
Current selected Notebook
Tag Comma separated list of tags to be added to the note.
Numer of Hotfolders How many hot folders should be defined (Only available in the first hotfolder configuration). 1