A panel with information about the current note and an advanced search tool.

Additional Information

Maintainers: personalizedrefrigerator
Minimum app version:2.14
Downloads: This version:82
Last updated:2024-06-06T17:38:25Z

Joplin debug tool

This plugin adds a panel that shows information about the selected notes(s). At present, this information isn't very user-friendly — it's presented roughly as fetched from Joplin's data API.

screenshot: Shows a panel with note properties including deleted_time, updated_time, and actions including delete

This plugin supports both Joplin Desktop >= 2.14 and Joplin Mobile >= 3.0.


Note info panel

This plugin adds a "note info" panel to Joplin's UI. The panel can be hidden with the "View" > "Show/Hide note info" menu item.

The fields shown in the plugin are a subset of the fields stored for different items in Joplin's database.

Showing information for a specific note, notebook, or resource

To show the information for a specific note or resource ID, click on the text box to the right of the ID header: screenshot: Box to the right of "ID" in the table header is circled

Next, paste a new ID (or note link) into the ID box. Finally, click "GO":

Regular expression search

At the bottom of the info panel is a "search" dropdown:

screenshot: Arrow points to the bottom of the input panel

By default, the search tool contained in the dropdown uses a regular expression to search through notes' title and body fields. The fields and type of item can be customized using the options in the "Advanced" dropdown.

A search scans Joplin's database and results are in the order returned by Joplin's data API.

Example searches

  • All notes with an empty body:

    • Search field content: ^$
    • Advanced settings: Notes and fields: body.
  • All SVG resources:

    • screenshot
    • Search field content: image/svg
    • Advanced settings: Resources and fields: mime (for MIME type).
  • All notes with nonbreaking spaces:

    • screenshot
    • Search field content: \u00A0
    • Advanced settings: Notes and fields: body.
  • Shared and/or published notes:

    • screenshot
    • Search field content: 1
    • Advanced settings: Notes and fields: is_shared.
  • Notes from Joplin's webclipper:

    • screenshot
    • Search field content: .
    • Advanced settings: Notes and fields: source_url.
    • Explanation: Because a . means "any character", this query searches for all notes with a non-empty source_url. The Joplin webclipper associates a source_url with webclipped notes.