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Custom CodeMirror .vimrc

Shows the "Edit vimrc" dialog open. Commands are the same as shown in the readme: unmap <C-c>, unmap <C-v> to allow copy/paste with ctrl+c, imap jk <Esc> to make Escape exit insert mode Screenshot: Joplin's go-to-anything dialog box displays a search query of :vimrc with one command result, Edit .vimrc.


Configure CodeMirror‘s Vim emulation with a very-limited, vimrc-like file.

Additional Information

Maintainers: personalizedrefrigerator
Minimum app version:2.8
Downloads: This version:227
Last updated:2024-01-11T14:07:53Z


Pressing ctrl+Shift+P and typing vimrc allows editing a very-limited .vimrc-like configuration file for CodeMirror's ViM mode.

See the relevant post on the Joplin forum.

This is a sample vimrc-like configuration file:

" A .vimrc-like file. At present, very little is supported.
" You can use the commands:
"   inoremap, vnoremap, nnoremap
"   imap, nmap, vmap
"   unmap
" Because commands are passed directly to CodeMirror's VIM API,
" insert-mode mappings seem to be unable to insert text.
" Examples:
" Allow copying/pasting with ctrl+c/ctrl+v when in insert mode.
unmap <C-c>
unmap <C-v>
" Map jk to Escape in insert mode:
imap jk <Esc>