Plugin for Simsapa Dhamma Reader. Open a sidebar or double-click to lookup Pāli words in the dictionary, or search in the suttas.

Additional Information

Maintainers: gambhiro
Minimum app version:2.13
Downloads: This version:22
Last updated:2024-03-12T14:37:58Z

Simsapa Joplin plugin

This is a sub-module repo for simsapa-extensions-and-plugins

The plugin requires Simsapa Dhamma Reader to be installed to work.

Simsapa Sidebar

Simsapa Word Lookup

Start the Simsapa app, close the main window and let the app stay in the background. The plugin makes HTTP requests to the application.

When clicking the plugin's icon (book 📓), the sidebar is opened.

The sidebar can be used to search Pāli dictionaries or suttas.

Keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl is Cmd on MacOS):

  • Ctrl + Shift + F10 Open Sidebar
  • Ctrl + Shift + D Lookup Selection in Dictionary

Select a word or some text, and use Ctrl + Shift + D to trigger a dictionary lookup.

  • If the sidebar is open, the results are shown there.
  • If the sidebar is closed, it should open a Simsapa Word Lookup window with the results (including Pāli accents).

If the Word Lookup does not pop-up, the system may prevent it being opened. In this case:

Open Word Lookup in Simsapa first, move it next to Obsidian, and use double-click on work in your note's text to trigger a lookup. The window should respond by showing the results.