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Link Graph UI


Visualize the connections between Joplin notes.

Additional Information

Maintainers: treymo
Minimum app version:1.7
Downloads: This version:7666
Last updated:2022-04-15T22:35:14Z

Link Graph UI for Joplin

This Joplin plugin provides a UI for viewing all links between Joplin notes.

Note: Requires Joplin 1.7.0+

Combine this plugin with the Joplin Backlinks and Quicklinks for Zettelkasten-type functionality!

Basic Features

  • View all links between notes in a graph view - the graph automatically refreshes when you change a note
  • Zoom and pan on the graph to see links between your notes (and hopefully spark some ideas)
  • Click on Notes in the graph to instantly navigate to the note


Note graph demo video


  1. Check out the Git repository
  2. cd into the repository and run npm install to install dependencies.
  3. Run npm run dist to build the plugin file.
  4. Launch Joplin in dev mode and load the plugin.