A plugin that makes process of resolving conflicts easier.

Additional Information

Maintainers: laurent22 tessus calebjohn ahmad45123
Minimum app version:2.0.9
Downloads: This version:7836
Last updated:2021-09-08T16:02:42Z

Conflict Resolution Plugin

This plugin adds a context menu option on conflict notes to open a merge menu. Once clicked a diff viewer will be shown to aid in merging the notes together.



June 7 - June 21 (2 weeks)

  • Start work on plugin user interface.
  • Add original note ID to conflicting note data.
  • Add conflict menu notification and button to open the plugin window.

June 21 - July 5 (2 weeks)

  • Create plugin initial behavior for loading the notes.
  • Add Save and Cancel behaviors.
  • Write tests to make sure basic plugin works as intended.

July 5 - July 12 (1 week) - Phase 1 Eval

  • Submit forum for Community feedback of the plugin.
  • Submission of the first evaluation.
  • University final exams period (from first of July until 15th)

July 12 - July 26 (2 weeks)

  • University final exams period (from first of July until 15th)
  • Implement any feedback from the community and/or bugs.

July 26 - August 9 (2 weeks)

  • Implement any leftover feedback from the community and/or bugs.
  • If all is done, I could maybe start working on another plugin, preferably a MathTex Autocomplete plugin. To be completed post-GSoC if not done within the time.

August 9 - August 16 (1 week)

  • Do any leftover work in the main GSoC plugin. Extra week just in case.

August 16 - August 23 (1 week) - Final Eval

  • Review all code and cleanup.
  • Code delivery.
  • Mentor Evaluation.