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MultiMarkdown Table Tools


A collection of tools to make editing tables easier. Also supports GitHub Flavored Markdown!

Additional Information

Maintainers: felisdiligens
Minimum app version:2.11
Downloads: This version:630
Last updated:2024-03-16T18:38:32Z

MultiMarkdown Table Tools

Joplin Plugin
MultiMarkdown Table Tools

A collection of tools to make editing tables easier.
Links: NPM Joplin Forum
Built with: generator-joplin, md-table-tools, turndown
Inspired by: Table Formatter Plugin, Ez Table, Paste Special Plugin, Rich Markdown, Menu items, Shortcuts, Toolbar icons
Other plugins by me: Search & Replace, CodeMirror Options

Features | Screenshots | Installation | Usage | Hotkeys | Known issues

✨ Features

Edit tables

  • Create new tables with a dialog.
  • Format and minify Markdown tables (without breaking MultiMarkdown tables).
  • Add, delete, and move table rows and columns.
  • Align text left, center, or right.
  • Jump to next or previous cell with Tab and Shift + Tab.
  • Adds hotkeys, see below. (opt-out)
  • Paste HTML or CSV tables as Markdown.
  • Convert tables between HTML, Markdown, and CSV.


  • Choose between MultiMarkdown or GitHub Flavored Markdown table format in the settings. (personal preference, MultiMarkdown is default)
  • Disable features if you don't like them (toolbar buttons, contextmenu items, hotkeys).
    • This also makes this plugin compatible with other plugins that use the same hotkeys or equally named contextmenu items.
  • Change how Tab and Enter behave or disable them separately.

📸 Screenshots

See more screenshots!

⚙️ Installation

From the repo (recommended)

  • Go to the settings (Tools → Options) → Plugins
  • Search for MultiMarkdown Table Tools
  • Click 'Install' and restart Joplin
  • Enjoy


  • Download the *.jpl file from the releases section
  • Go to the settings (Tools → Options) → Plugins
  • Click the gear next to 'Manage your plugins' and choose 'Install from file'
  • Select the downloaded *.jpl file
  • Restart Joplin
  • Enjoy

⚡ Usage

All actions are relative to where you placed the I-beam (also called I-cursor) in the text editor. This includes hotkeys.

Once you place the I-beam, simply select one of the actions from the menu (see ToolsTable tools), click a button from the toolbar, or press a hotkey.


Hotkey Action
Tab Jump to next cell
Shift + Tab Jump to previous cell
Enter Insert <br> instead of newline
Cmd or Ctrl + Enter Insert row below
Cmd or Ctrl + Tab Insert column to the right
Cmd or Ctrl + Shift + F Format current table

All of these actions can also be performed from the menu (e.g. Tools → Table tools → Row → Insert below).

🐛 Known issues

Broken dialogs

(Click to see how it's supposed to look like...)

Every now and then the plugin swallows up its dialogs. There doesn't seem to be anything I can do to fix this.
If that happens to you, click "Cancel" and try again.

Also, if this happens all the time, you can enable these (working) dialogs in the advanced settings and they'll show up whenever feasible:

Only every second table gets formatted

It could be that only every second table gets formatted, when you click Format all tables.
If that happens to you, click Format all tables twice or format each table with Format table.

Right-click doesn't do anything in text editor

This can happen sometimes, especially if you change settings.
Try to restart Joplin.

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