Allows you to create a tasks in Todoist from Joplin and add it to your current note. A link to the Todoist task will be included in the note. A link to the note will be included in the Todoist task.

Additional Information

Maintainers: atxcoder
Minimum app version:2.13
Downloads: This version:224
Last updated:2024-01-31T00:08:03Z

Joplin to Todist

This Joplin plugin allows you to create a Todoist task directly from Joplin.

I use Todoist to manage all my personal and professional tasks and Joplin to store all my notes. I needed a way to quickly create tasks in Todoist directly from Joplin while also tieing the task to the current Joplin note. I wrote this plugin that exactly that.


  • Generate a Todoist task directly in your Todoist Inbox from Joplin.
  • Automatically adds a link in your current Joplin note to the Todoist task.
  • Automatically add a link to the current Joplin note in the Todoist task description.

[!WARNING] I have been using this plugin successfully for a bit now in my own personal workflow, but you should always backup your Joplin notes and Todoist tasks (because bugs happen).


  1. Navigate to your Todoist settings and copy your API token.

  2. In Joplin, go to Tools > Options > Joplin to Todoist and past the your Todoist API token.

  3. Click on OK to apply the changes.

Create a task

  1. Open the note you want to add a task from

  2. Click on the new task icon


  3. Fill in the task information