Monitor and automatically add hypothesis annotations to your joplin notebooks

Additional Information

Maintainers: ravenscroftj
Minimum app version:2.8
Downloads: This version:19
Last updated:2024-03-31T21:09:34Z

Joplin Plugin

This plugin allows users to automatically import their annotations into their Joplin notes by monitoring their user Atom RSS feed.


  • Import annotations from a user RSS feed into Joplin
  • Customisable feed polling frequency allowing the user to pull down new annotations as they are added


Manual install via JPL

  1. Install the latest version of Joplin
  2. Download the Joplin RSS Plugin from the GitHub releases page
  3. In Joplin, go to the Tools menu and select Plugins
  4. Click on the Install Plugin button and select the downloaded plugin .jpl file

Install from Joplin Plugin Directory

  1. From Joplin go to the Tools menu and click on Plugins
  2. In the Plugins view enter hypothesis in the search bar
  3. Find Joplin Hypothesis and click install.
  4. Restart Joplin


  1. In Joplin, go to the Tools menu and select Options.
  2. Select in the options sidebar.
  3. Enter your Hypothesis Username and the name of the Notebook to import your annotations into.
  4. Customise the feed poll frequency if desired.

note: the plugin will not work if you leave the user empty or set it to 'test'


Once configured the plugin will poll every few minutes (15 by default but configurable in the options menu) and check for new annotations.

Current Limitations

I've tried to pre-emptively note down some existing problems in issues.

Re-importing Old Annotations

The plugin will keep a record of the most recently created annotations within your account and will only attempt to download newer annotations. If you want to re-download all of your historical annotations then you can reset this value via the Reset Last Retrieval option in the Tools menu.


If you have any questions or encounter any issues, please file a bug report on the GitHub issues page for this plugin. Contact me via my personal site brainsteam.