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Joplin Android Changelog

android-v3.0.8 (Pre-release) - 2024-07-06T10:26:06Z

android-v3.0.7 (Pre-release) - 2024-07-01T15:47:15Z

  • Improved: Set min version for synchronising to 3.0.0 (e4b8976)
  • Fixed: Show notification in case Joplin Cloud credential is not valid anymore (#10649) (#10645 by @pedr)

android-v3.0.6 (Pre-release) - 2024-06-29T09:41:10Z

android-v3.0.5 (Pre-release) - 2024-06-19T12:02:12Z

  • Improved: Don't render empty title page for Fountain (#10631 by @XPhyro)
  • Improved: Don't show an "expand" arrow by "Installed plugins" when no plugins are installed (#10583 by @personalizedrefrigerator)
  • Improved: Implement callback url (#9803) (#8639 by @tiberiusteng)
  • Improved: Make mobile plugin settings screen UI closer to desktop (#10598) (#10592 by @personalizedrefrigerator)
  • Improved: Mark plugin support as in beta (#10585 by @personalizedrefrigerator)
  • Improved: Move mobile plugin setting tabs under a separate section (#10600) (#10594 by @personalizedrefrigerator)
  • Improved: Start synchronisation just after login is complete (#10574 by @pedr)
  • Improved: Update farsi/persian translation fa.po (#10634 by @mimeyn)
  • Improved: Updated packages @react-native-community/netinfo (v11.3.1), chokidar (v3.6.0), follow-redirects (v1.15.6), jsdom (v23), react-native-image-picker (v7.1.1), react-native-webview (v13.8.1), sass (v1.71.0), style-to-js (v1.1.11), turndown (v7.1.3)
  • Fixed: English: Use the plural form of a localization for negative and zero items (#10582) (#10581 by @personalizedrefrigerator)
  • Fixed: Fix cmd-i no longer italicizes text (#10604 by @personalizedrefrigerator)
  • Fixed: Fix plugin list not cached in config screen (#10599) (#10593 by @personalizedrefrigerator)
  • Fixed: Fix selected note changes on moving to a different folder (#10630) (#10589 by @personalizedrefrigerator)
  • Fixed: Not able to change notebook when using 'New Note' quick action (#10252) (#10588 by @pedr)
  • Fixed: Plugin settings screen: Fix plugin states not set correctly when installing multiple plugins at once (#10580 by @personalizedrefrigerator)
  • Fixed: Plugin settings: Fix plugins without settings can't be disabled without reinstall (#10579 by @personalizedrefrigerator)

android-v3.0.4 (Pre-release) - 2024-06-12T20:38:44Z

android-v3.0.3 (Pre-release) - 2024-04-27T11:21:48Z

  • Improved: Display a message when Joplin Cloud user don't have access to email to note feature (#10322 by @pedr)
  • Improved: Make editor styles closer to desktop (#10377 by @personalizedrefrigerator)
  • Improved: Make most plugins default to being desktop-only (#10376) (#10360 by @personalizedrefrigerator)
  • Improved: Plugin support: Simplify reporting plugin issues (#10319 by @personalizedrefrigerator)
  • Improved: Support copying app information (#10336 by @personalizedrefrigerator)
  • Improved: Updated packages @adobe/css-tools (v4.3.3)
  • Fixed: After deleting the last note from the conflicts folder, the application state is invalid (#10189)
  • Fixed: Do not invite user to create new notes in the trash folder (#10356) (#10191 by @personalizedrefrigerator)
  • Fixed: Fix cursor jumps before end of word while typing -- update @codemirror/view to v6.26.3 (#10353) (#10352 by @personalizedrefrigerator)
  • Fixed: Fix quickly enabling/disabling multiple plugins can lead to errors and missing plugins (#10380 by @personalizedrefrigerator)
  • Fixed: Fix sync icon off-center (#10350) (#10351 by @personalizedrefrigerator)
  • Fixed: Plugins: Fix API incompatibility in arguments to onMessage listeners in panels (#10375 by @personalizedrefrigerator)

android-v3.0.2 (Pre-release) - 2024-04-15T18:06:46Z

  • Improved: Allow marking a plugin as mobile-only or desktop-only (#10229) (#10206 by @personalizedrefrigerator)
  • Improved: Allow marking items as "ignored" in sync status (#10261) (#10245 by @personalizedrefrigerator)
  • Improved: Avoid unnecessary requests if Joplin Cloud credentials are empty (#10256 by @pedr)
  • Improved: Bump @codemirror/view version. (#10174 by @itzTheMeow)
  • Improved: Default to tab indentation for consistency with desktop platforms (#10242 by @personalizedrefrigerator)
  • Improved: Display recommended plugin alert (#10281) (#10207 by @DarkFalc0n)
  • Improved: Do not repeat failed requests with ENOTFOUND error (#6173)
  • Improved: Improve focus handling (00084c5)
  • Improved: Make tables horizontally scrollable (#10161 by @wljince007)
  • Improved: Plugin API: Improve support for the Kanban and similar plugins (#10247 by @personalizedrefrigerator)
  • Improved: Plugin API: Support clipboard.availableFormats (#10209 by @personalizedrefrigerator)
  • Improved: Plugins: Autohide the plugin panel toggle in toolbar to increase size for notebook dropdown (#10212 by @personalizedrefrigerator)
  • Improved: Show plugin versions in settings (#10289) (#10288 by @personalizedrefrigerator)
  • Improved: Show sync version and client id in More Info (#10254 by Self Not Found)
  • Improved: Support accepting Joplin Cloud shares (#10300 by @personalizedrefrigerator)
  • Improved: Support description banners on plugin-registered settings screens (#10286 by @personalizedrefrigerator)
  • Improved: Support importing from JEX files (#10269 by @personalizedrefrigerator)
  • Improved: Toggle plugin panels using a button in the toolbar (#10180 by @personalizedrefrigerator)
  • Improved: Update farsi/persian translation fa.po (#10181 by @mimeyn)
  • Fixed: Email to note address not presented in configuration screen before synchronisation (#10293) (#10292 by @pedr)
  • Fixed: Fix "new note" button is shown in the trash notebook (#10227) (#10188 by @personalizedrefrigerator)
  • Fixed: Fix dropdowns invisible when opening settings by clicking "synchronize" (#10271) (#10270 by @personalizedrefrigerator)
  • Fixed: Fix error on retry or ignore attachment too large error (#10314) (#10313 by @personalizedrefrigerator)
  • Fixed: Fix plugin card titles are clipped (#10296 by @personalizedrefrigerator)
  • Fixed: Plugin API: Fix crash when a plugin registers an enum setting with no default (#10263 by @personalizedrefrigerator)
  • Fixed: Plugin API: Fix error when calling plugins.dataDir (#10262 by @personalizedrefrigerator)
  • Fixed: Plugin API: Fix unable to require @codemirror/search (#10205 by @personalizedrefrigerator)
  • Fixed: Plugins: Fix event listener memory leak when disabling/uninstalling plugins (#10280 by @personalizedrefrigerator)

android-v3.0.1 (Pre-release) - 2024-03-21T18:27:47Z

android-v2.14.9 (Pre-release) - 2024-02-26T19:56:11Z

  • Fixed: Note editor: Support older WebView versions (#9986) (#9521 by Henry Heino)
  • Fixed: Sort notebooks in a case-insensitive way (#9996)

android-v2.14.8 (Pre-release) - 2024-02-22T22:29:24Z

  • Improved: Immediately sort notes after toggling a checkbox (5820f63)
  • Fixed: Fix auto-indentation in some types of code blocks (#9972) (#9971 by Henry Heino)

android-v2.14.7 (Pre-release) - 2024-02-19T10:40:10Z

  • Improved: Migrate profile in preparation for trash feature (115eb5d)
  • Improved: Updated packages tar-stream (v3.1.7)
  • Fixed: Fix full text search broken on Android 7 and earlier (#9914) (#9905 by Henry Heino)

android-v2.14.6 (Pre-release) - 2024-02-09T12:41:18Z

  • Improved: Improve search engine error handling when preparing text for search (#9871 by Henry Heino)
  • Improved: Updated packages @js-draw/material-icons (v1.16.1), @react-native-community/netinfo (v11.2.1), @react-native-community/slider (v4.5.0), async-mutex (v0.4.1), follow-redirects (v1.15.5), js-draw (v1.16.1), moment (v2.30.1), react-native-document-picker (v9.1.0), react-native-localize (v3.0.6), react-native-paper (v5.11.7), react-native-safe-area-context (v4.8.2), react-native-share (v10.0.2), react-native-webview (v13.6.4), sass (v1.69.7), sharp (v0.33.2), sqlite3 (v5.1.7)
  • Fixed: Correctly search HTML-entity encoded text (#9694)
  • Fixed: Fix deeply-nested subnotebook titles invisible in the folder dropdown (#9906) (#9858 by Henry Heino)
  • Fixed: Fix regression: Crash when opening appearance/sync settings on some devices (#9864) (#7974 by Henry Heino)
  • Fixed: Fix share to Joplin when only "All notes" has been opened (#9876) (#9863 by Henry Heino)
  • Fixed: Increase space available for Notebook icon (#9877) (#9475 by @pedr)

android-v2.14.5 (Pre-release) - 2024-02-02T23:09:50Z

  • Improved: Allow note viewer to extend to the edge of the screen while pinch zooming (#9820) (#9819 by Henry Heino)
  • Improved: Do not allow switching the sync target if not all resources are downloaded (#9263)
  • Improved: Removed ability to search by note ID to fix issue with certain plugins (#9769)
  • Improved: Updated packages react-native-paper (v5.11.6)
  • Fixed: Fix crash on opening settings on some devices (#9806) (#7974 by Henry Heino)
  • Fixed: Clear "Some items cannot be synchronised" banner after situation is resolved (#9157)
  • Fixed: Detect faster left-right swipes to open the sidemenu (#9802) (#9142 by Henry Heino)
  • Fixed: Fix broken synchronisation link in welcome notes (#9804) (#9799 by Henry Heino)
  • Fixed: Fix note editor errors/logs not sent to Joplin's logs (#9808) (#9807 by Henry Heino)
  • Fixed: Fix synchronization happens every 10 seconds even if nothing has changed (#9814) (#9800 by Henry Heino)

android-v2.14.4 (Pre-release) - 2024-01-26T10:46:28Z

  • New: Add support for showing only lines of log that contain a filter (#9728 by Henry Heino)
  • Improved: Allow setting a minimum app version on the sync target (#9778)
  • Improved: Display an error if a resource cannot be downloaded (cbf7e24)
  • Improved: Don't log OneDrive Authorization tokens (#9707) (#9706 by Henry Heino)
  • Improved: Hide advanced settings by default (#9730 by Henry Heino)
  • Improved: Updated packages @js-draw/material-icons (v1.15.0), follow-redirects (v1.15.4), fs-extra (v11.2.0), js-draw (v1.15.0), react, react-native-device-info (v10.12.0), react-native-image-picker (v7.1.0), react-native-paper (v5.11.5), react-native-vector-icons (v10.0.3), sharp (v0.33.1)
  • Fixed: Fix AWS S3 sync error (#9696) (#8891 by Henry Heino)

android-v2.14.3 (Pre-release) - 2024-01-06T12:30:29Z

  • Improved: Fix table-of-contents links to headings with duplicate content (#9610) (#9594 by Henry Heino)
  • Improved: Improve sync by reducing how often note list is sorted (f95ee68)
  • Improved: Render mermaid diagrams in dark mode when Joplin is in dark mode (#9631) (#3201 by Henry Heino)
  • Improved: Updated packages deprecated-react-native-prop-types (v5), react-native-paper (v5.11.4)

android-v2.14.2 (Pre-release) - 2023-12-31T16:14:25Z

  • Improved: Updated packages react-native-get-random-values (v1.10.0)

android-v2.14.1 (Pre-release) - 2023-12-29T22:12:14Z

  • Improved: CodeMirror 6 markdown editor: Support highlighting more languages (#9563) (#9562 by Henry Heino)
  • Improved: Don't attach empty drawings when a user exits without saving (#9386) (#9377 by Henry Heino)
  • Improved: Handle Dropbox payload_too_large error (f267d88)
  • Improved: Make backspace delete auto-matching brackets (#9527) (#9526 by Henry Heino)
  • Improved: Optimise synchronisation by making delta call return whole items (5341501)
  • Improved: Updated packages @react-native-community/datetimepicker (v7.6.2), @react-native-community/netinfo (v9.5.0), @react-native-community/slider (v4.4.4), @rmp135/sql-ts (v1.18.1), @testing-library/react-native (v12.3.3), highlight.js (v11.9.0), mermaid (v10.6.1), nanoid (v3.3.7), nodemon (v3.0.2), punycode (v2.3.1), react, react-native-image-picker (v7.0.3), react-native-localize (v3.0.4), react-native-paper (v5.11.3), react-native-vector-icons (v10.0.2), react-native-webview (v13.6.3), style-to-js (v1.1.9), tesseract.js (v5.0.3), ts-loader (v9.5.1)
  • Fixed: #9361: Fix to-dos options toggle don't toggle a rerender in (#9364) (#9361 by @pedr)
  • Fixed: Fix Beta Editor diff highlighting (#9525) (#9524 by Henry Heino)
  • Fixed: Fix KaTeX rendering (#9456) (#9455 by Henry Heino)
  • Fixed: Fix code block borders in headers of Beta Markdown editor (#9523) (#9522 by Henry Heino)
  • Fixed: Fix cursor location on opening the editor and attachments inserted in wrong location (#9536) (#9532 by Henry Heino)
  • Fixed: Fix editor scrollbar on iOS (#9531) (#9322 by Henry Heino)
  • Fixed: Fix font for the inbox email address not using the theme color (#9503) (#9500 by @pedr)
  • Fixed: Fix inline code at beginning of line in table breaks formatting (#9478) (#9477 by Henry Heino)
  • Fixed: Fix list renumbering and enable multiple selections (#9506) (#9200 by Henry Heino)
  • Fixed: Fix new note/to-do buttons not visible on app startup in some cases (#9329) (#9328 by Henry Heino)
  • Fixed: Fix note editor crash when trying to edit text quickly after opening a note (#9581) (#9502 by Henry Heino)
  • Fixed: Fix tooltips don't disappear on some devices (upgrade to js-draw 1.13.2) (#9401) (#9374 by Henry Heino)
  • Fixed: Sidebar is not dismissed when creating a note (#9376)

android-v2.13.10 (Pre-release) - 2023-12-01T11:16:17Z

  • Improved: Drawing: Revert recent changes to input system (#9426) (#9427 by Henry Heino)

android-v2.13.9 (Pre-release) - 2023-11-30T17:55:54Z

  • Improved: Don't attach empty drawings when a user exits without saving (#9386) (#9377 by Henry Heino)
  • Fixed: Fix tooltips don't disappear on some devices (upgrade to js-draw 1.13.2) (#9401) (#9374 by Henry Heino)

android-v2.13.8 (Pre-release) - 2023-11-26T12:37:00Z

  • Fixed: Fix to-dos options toggle don't toggle a rerender (#9364) (#9361 by @pedr)
  • Fixed: Fix new note/to-do buttons not visible on app startup in some cases (#9329) (#9328 by Henry Heino)
  • Fixed: Sidebar is not dismissed when creating a note (#9376)

android-v2.13.7 (Pre-release) - 2023-11-16T13:17:53Z

  • Improved: Add more space between settings title and description (#9270) (#9258 by Henry Heino)
  • Improved: Fade settings screen icons (#9268) (#9260 by Henry Heino)
  • Improved: Implement settings search (#9320) (#9294 by Henry Heino)
  • Improved: Improve image editor load performance (#9281 by Henry Heino)
  • Improved: Update js-draw to version 1.11.2 (#9120) (#9195 by Henry Heino)
  • Improved: Updated packages @testing-library/react-native (v12.3.1), mermaid (v10.5.1), react-native-safe-area-context (v4.7.4), react-native-vector-icons (v10.0.1), sass (v1.69.5)
  • Fixed: Config screen: Fix section list scroll (#9267) (#9259 by Henry Heino)
  • Fixed: Disable notebook list side menu in config screen (#9311) (#9308 by Henry Heino)
  • Fixed: Fix encryption when a resource doesn't have an associated file (#9222) (#9123 by Henry Heino)
  • Fixed: Fix settings save confirmation not shown when navigating to encryption/profile/log screens (#9313) (#9312 by Henry Heino)
  • Fixed: Restore scroll position when returning to the note viewer from the editor or camera (#9324) (#9321 by Henry Heino)

android-v2.13.6 (Pre-release) - 2023-11-09T19:45:21Z

  • Improved: Add a "Retry all" button when multiple resources could not be downloaded (#9158)
  • Improved: Image editor: Allow loading from save when the image editor is reloaded in the background (#9135) (#9134 by Henry Heino)
  • Improved: Settings screen: Create separate pages for each screen (#8567 by Henry Heino)
  • Improved: Updated packages @react-native-community/datetimepicker (v7.6.1), deprecated-react-native-prop-types (v4.2.3), sass (v1.68.0)
  • Fixed: Disable selection match highlighting (#9202) (#9201 by Henry Heino)
  • Fixed: Fix OneDrive sync crash on throttle (#9143) (#8561 by Henry Heino)
  • Fixed: Fix fast search (#9191) (#9159 by Henry Heino)
  • Fixed: Fix search highlighting (#9206) (#9207 by Henry Heino)
  • Fixed: Image editor resets on theme change (#9190) (#9188 by Henry Heino)

android-v2.13.5 (Pre-release) - 2023-10-30T22:49:19Z

  • Improved: Allow searching by note ID or using a callback URL (3667bf3)
  • Improved: Updated packages @react-native-community/datetimepicker (v7.6.0), react-native-device-info (v10.11.0), react-native-webview (v13.6.2)
  • Fixed: Beta editor: Fix image timestamps not updated after editing (#9176) (#9175 by Henry Heino)

android-v2.13.4 (Pre-release) - 2023-10-24T18:29:09Z

  • Improved: Allow modifying a resource metadata only when synchronising (#9114)
  • Improved: Support for plural translations (#9033)
  • Improved: Updated packages @react-native-community/datetimepicker (v7.5.0), @react-native-community/geolocation (v3.1.0), @testing-library/react-native (v12.3.0), dayjs (v1.11.10), follow-redirects (v1.15.3), glob (v10.3.6), katex (v0.16.9), markdown-it (v13.0.2), react, react-native-device-info (v10.9.0), react-native-dropdownalert (v5), react-native-image-picker (v5.7.0), react-native-paper (v5.10.6), react-native-share (v9.4.1), react-native-webview (v13.6.0), react-native-zip-archive (v6.1.0), react-redux (v8.1.3), sass (v1.67.0), sharp (v0.32.6), tar (v6.2.0)
  • Fixed: Fix sidebar folder icon (cd55a9a)
  • Fixed: Fix writing UTF-8 data to a file replaces non-ASCII characters with ?s (#9076) (#9069 by Henry Heino)
  • Fixed: Fixed issues related to sharing notes on read-only notebooks (1c7d22e)
  • Fixed: Improve list toggle logic (#9103) (#9066 by Henry Heino)

android-v2.13.2 (Pre-release) - 2023-10-07T16:42:16Z

  • New: Add share button to log screen (#8364 by Henry Heino)
  • New: Add support for drawing pictures (#7588 by Henry Heino)
  • Improved: Apply correct size to images imported from ENEX files (#8684)
  • Improved: Bump mermaid version to 10.4.0 to support new chart types (#8890) (#8728 by @oj-lappi)
  • Improved: Enable ignoreTlsErrors and custom certificates for S3 sync (#8980 by Jens Böttge)
  • Improved: Fix random crash due to sidebar animation (#8792) (#8791 by Henry Heino)
  • Improved: Improved handling of invalid sync info (#6978)
  • Improved: Remember whether "All notes", a notebook or a tag was opened when re-opening the app (#8021)
  • Improved: Updated packages (v3.0.7), @react-native-community/datetimepicker (v7.4.2), @react-native-community/slider (v4.4.3), @testing-library/jest-native (v5.4.3), @testing-library/react-native (v12.2.2), compare-versions (v6.1.0), deprecated-react-native-prop-types (v4.2.1), glob (v10.3.4), katex (v0.16.8), markdown-it-multimd-table (v4.2.3), nodemon (v3.0.1), react, react-native-device-info (v10.8.0), react-native-exit-app (v2), react-native-gesture-handler (v2.12.1), react-native-image-picker (v5.6.1), react-native-modal-datetime-picker (v17.1.0), react-native-paper (v5.10.4), react-native-safe-area-context (v4.7.2), react-native-share (v9.2.4), react-native-url-polyfill (v2), react-native-vector-icons (v10), react-native-webview (v13.4.0), sass (v1.66.1), sharp (v0.32.5), sprintf-js (v1.1.3), url (v0.11.3), uuid (v9.0.1)
  • Fixed: Fix complex queries that contain quotes or filters (#8050)
  • Fixed: Fix not all dropdown items focusable with VoiceOver (#8714) (#8707 by Henry Heino)
  • Fixed: Fix search engine ranking algorithm (f504cf1)
  • Fixed: Fix sharing image to Joplin (#8970) (#8533 by Self Not Found)
  • Fixed: Fix unordered list button creates checklists (#8957) (#8956 by Henry Heino)
  • Fixed: Fixed code block not default line wrap in pdf view (#8626) (#8517 by @wljince007)
  • Fixed: Hide the keyboard when showing the attach dialog (#8911) (#8774 by Henry Heino)
  • Fixed: Prevent accessibility tools from focusing the notes list when it's invisible (#8799) (#8798 by Henry Heino)

android-v2.12.3 (Pre-release) - 2023-09-11T20:01:44Z

  • Improved: Add screen reader labels to search/note actions buttons (#8797) (#8796 by Henry Heino)
  • Improved: Improve accessibility of side menu (#8839 by Henry Heino)
  • Fixed: Fix older Android versions unable to set alarms (#8837) (#8789 by Henry Heino)
  • Fixed: Revert to react-native-sidemenu-updated for navigation drawers (#8820) (#8791 by Henry Heino)

android-v2.12.2 (Pre-release) - 2023-08-22T13:15:18Z

  • Improved: Only include "armeabi-v7a", "x86", "arm64-v8a", "x86_64" in APK (4e2d366)

android-v2.12.1 (Pre-release) - 2023-08-19T22:32:39Z

  • New: Add JEX export (#8428 by Henry Heino)
  • New: Add support for Joplin Cloud email to note functionality (#8460 by @pedr)
  • New: Add support for Voice Typing for most languages (#8309)
  • New: Add support for share permissions (#8491)
  • Improved: Add an option to disable the image resizing prompt (#8575) (#8566 by @hubert)
  • Improved: Add option to autodetect theme (#8498) (#8490 by Henry Heino)
  • Improved: Improved Vosk error handling (1eeb5ab)
  • Improved: Temporarily revert to AES-128 as encryption method due to severe performance issues (#8657)
  • Improved: Updated packages @react-native-community/datetimepicker (v7.4.1), @react-native-community/geolocation (v3.0.6), @react-native-community/netinfo (v9.4.1), @rmp135/sql-ts (v1.18.0), @testing-library/react-native (v12.1.3), buildTools, clean-html (v2), dayjs (v1.11.9), domhandler (v5), gettext-parser (v7.0.1), glob (v10.3.3), highlight.js (v11.8.0), jsdom (v22.1.0), react-native-device-info (v10.7.0), react-native-document-picker (v9), react-native-drawer-layout (v3.2.1), react-native-gesture-handler (v2.12.0), react-native-get-random-values (v1.9.0), react-native-image-picker (v5.6.0), react-native-localize (v3.0.2), react-native-modal-datetime-picker (v15.0.1), react-native-paper (v5.9.1), react-native-reanimated (v3.2.0), react-native-safe-area-context (v4.6.4), react-redux (v8.1.2), sass (v1.63.6), sharp (v0.32.4), standard (v17.1.0), ts-loader (v9.4.4), url (v0.11.1), word-wrap (v1.2.5)
  • Improved: Upgrade react-native-webview to v12 (9ceb7b9)
  • Improved: Upgrade to React Native 0.71 (e740914)
  • Improved: WebDAV: Show a more descriptive error message when the password is empty (#8477) (#8466 by Henry Heino)
  • Fixed: Do not log data shared with the app (#8495) (#8211 by Henry Heino)
  • Fixed: Fix frequent crashing on Android 12 ARM (#8516) (#8425 by Henry Heino)
  • Fixed: Fixed link modal position on devices with notch (#8029) (#8027 by @Letty)
  • Fixed: Fixed text update issue when attaching a file to an empty note (78f3f1c)
  • Fixed: Hide markdown toolbar completely when low on vertical space (#8688) (#8687 by Henry Heino)
  • Fixed: Preserve image rotation (and other metadata) when resizing (#8669) (#8310 by Henry Heino)
  • Fixed: Show warning if some items could not be decrypted (#8481) (#8381 by Henry Heino)
  • Fixed: The voice typing box covers the texts in the editor (#8685) (#8510 by @hubert)
  • Fixed: Trying to fix sharing issues (#8533)
  • Fixed: Unrevert #7953: Migrate to react-native-drawer-layout (#8379) (#7918 by Henry Heino)
  • Security: Prevent XSS when passing specially encoded string to a link (57b4198)

android-v2.11.32 (Pre-release) - 2023-07-03T11:33:54Z

  • Improved: Allow configuring voice typing model URL (2aab85f)

android-v2.11.31 (Pre-release) - 2023-06-25T14:26:21Z

  • Improved: Upgrade E2EE encryption method to AES-256 (#7686)

android-v2.11.30 (Pre-release) - 2023-06-20T15:21:15Z

  • New: Add support for Voice Typing for most languages (#8309)

android-v2.11.27 (Pre-release) - 2023-06-10T15:58:58Z

  • Upgraded to React Native 0.71
  • Improved: Updated packages @react-native-community/datetimepicker (v7), buildTools, domutils (v3.1.0), react-native-document-picker (v8.2.1), react-native-safe-area-context (v4.5.3), tar (v6.1.15)

android-v2.11.26 (Pre-release) - 2023-06-08T16:13:02Z

  • Improved: Updated packages @react-native-community/datetimepicker (v7), buildTools, domutils (v3.1.0), react-native-document-picker (v8.2.1), react-native-safe-area-context (v4.5.3), tar (v6.1.15)
  • Fixed: Allow certain HTML anchor tags (#8286)
  • Fixed: Fix alarms for latest Android versions (#8229)
  • Fixed: Fix sharing data with the app (#8285)

android-v2.11.25 (Pre-release) - 2023-06-03T16:40:08Z

  • Fixed: Fix Vosk logic (60b3921)
  • Fixed: Fixed error "Download interrupted" when downloading resources from Joplin Cloud/Server.

android-v2.11.24 (Pre-release) - 2023-06-02T15:22:04Z

  • Improved: Write to note in realtime using voice typing (7779879)

android-v2.11.23 (Pre-release) - 2023-06-01T17:19:16Z

  • Improved: Auto-detect language on start (e48d55c)
  • Improved: Implement parenting of notebooks (#7980) (#8193 by @jcgurango)
  • Improved: Updated packages @react-native-community/netinfo (v9.3.10), @react-native-community/push-notification-ios (v1.11.0), aws, jsdom (v21.1.2), markdown-it-multimd-table (v4.2.2), react-native-paper (v5.8.0), react-native-reanimated (v3.1.0), react-native-safe-area-context (v4.5.2), sass (v1.62.1), sharp (v0.32.1), tar (v6.1.14), yargs (v17.7.2)
  • Improved: When resetting the master password, also create a new master key with that password (e647775)
  • Fixed: Fixed regression in biometric check (b19f1a1)
  • Fixed: Improve selection of active E2EE key (#8254)
  • Fixed: Support monochrome icons (#7772) (#7766 by Andrey Mukamolov)
  • Security: Disable SVG tag support in editor to prevent XSS (caf6606)
  • Security: Prevent XSS by sanitizing certain HTML attributes (9e90d90)

android-v2.11.22 (Pre-release) - 2023-05-14T13:44:28Z

  • Fixed: Fix "Download interrupted" error (b023f58)

android-v2.11.21 (Pre-release) - 2023-05-14T11:05:15Z

  • Improved: Updated packages react-native-paper (v5.6.0)

android-v2.11.16 (Pre-release) - 2023-05-12T12:43:08Z

  • Improved: Sync as soon as the app starts, and immediately after changing a note (3eb44d2)

android-v2.11.14 (Pre-release) - 2023-05-10T12:24:40Z

  • Improved: Translate Welcome notes (#8154)

android-v2.11.13 (Pre-release) - 2023-05-08T20:28:29Z

  • Improved: Tells whether Hermes engine is enabled or not (5ecae17)

android-v2.11.10 (Pre-release) - 2023-05-08T10:26:14Z

  • Improved: Disable Hermes engine (e9e9986)
  • Fixed: Fix voice typing (d5eeb12)

android-v2.11.7 (Pre-release) - 2023-05-07T14:29:08Z

  • Fixed crash when starting voice typing.

android-v2.11.6 (Pre-release) - 2023-05-07T13:53:31Z

  • Disabled Hermes engine

android-v2.11.5 (Pre-release) - 2023-05-07T12:14:21Z

  • Improved: Improved Vosk support (beta, fr only) (#8131)
  • Improved: Updated packages react-native-share (v8.2.2), reselect (v4.1.8), sharp (v0.32.0)

android-v2.11.4 (Pre-release) - 2023-05-03T11:57:27Z

  • New: Add support for offline speech to text (Beta - FR only) (#8115)
  • Improved: Updated packages @react-native-community/netinfo (v9.3.9), aws, react-native-document-picker (v8.2.0), react-native-paper (v5.5.2), react-native-safe-area-context (v4.5.1), sass (v1.60.0)
  • Fixed: Fixed sync crash (#8056) (#8017 by Arun Kumar)
  • Fixed: Fixes issue where the note body is not updated after attaching a file (991c120)

android-v2.11.2 (Pre-release) - 2023-04-09T12:04:06Z

  • Improved: Resolve #8022: Editor syntax highlighting was broken (#8023) (#8022 by Henry Heino)
  • Improved: Updated packages @react-native-community/netinfo (v9.3.8)
  • Fixed: Removed MasterKey from Sync Status report (#8026) (#7940 by Arun Kumar)
  • Security: Prevent bypassing fingerprint lock on certain devices (6b72f86)

android-v2.11.1 (Pre-release) - 2023-04-08T08:49:19Z

  • New: Add log info for biometrics feature (efdbaeb)
  • New: Add setting to enable/disable the markdown toolbar (#7929 by Henry Heino)
  • Fixed: Encode the non-ASCII characters in OneDrive URI (#7868) (#7851 by Self Not Found)
  • Fixed: Fix OneDrive sync attempting to call method on null variable (#7987) (#7986 by Henry Heino)
  • Updated packages @lezer/highlight (v1.1.4), fs-extra (v11.1.1), jsdom (v21.1.1), markdown-it-multimd-table (v4.2.1), nanoid (v3.3.6), node-persist (v3.1.3), nodemon (v2.0.22), react-native-document-picker (v8.1.4), react-native-image-picker (v5.3.1), react-native-paper (v5.4.1), react-native-share (v8.2.1), sass (v1.59.3), sqlite3 (v5.1.6), turndown (v7.1.2), yargs (v17.7.1)

android-v2.10.9 (Pre-release) - 2023-03-22T18:40:57Z

  • Improved: Mark biometrics feature as beta and ensure no call is made if it is not enabled (e44a934)

android-v2.10.8 (Pre-release) - 2023-02-28T18:09:21Z

  • Improved: Stop synchronization with unsupported WebDAV providers (#7819) (#7661 by @julien)
  • Fixed: Custom sort order not synchronized (#7729) (#6956 by Tao Klerks)
  • Fixed: Fix camera attachment (#7775) (#7675 by @vikneshwar)
  • Fixed: Fixed duplicate sharing issue (#7799) (#7791 by @jd1378)
  • Fixed: Fixed error when sharing a file (#7801) (#6942 by @jd1378)
  • Fixed: Fixed issue where app would close after sharing a file (#7791)
  • Fixed: Hide main content while biometric is enabled and not authenticated (#7781) (#7762 by @pedr)
  • Fixed: Sharing pictures to Joplin creates recurring duplications (#7807) (#7791 by @jd1378)

android-v2.10.6 (Pre-release) - 2023-02-10T16:22:28Z

  • Improved: Add create sub-notebook feature (#7728) (#1044 by @carlosngo)
  • Fixed: Fix double-scroll issue in long notes (#7701) (#7700 by Henry Heino)
  • Fixed: Fix startup error (#7688) (#7687 by Henry Heino)
  • Fixed: Sharing file to Joplin does not work (#7691)

android-v2.10.5 (Pre-release) - 2023-01-21T14:21:23Z

  • Improved: Improve dialogue spacing in Fountain renderer (#7628) (#7627 by @Elleo)
  • Improved: Improve filesystem sync performance (#7637) (#6942 by @jd1378)
  • Fixed: Fixes non-working alarms (138bc81)

android-v2.10.4 (Pre-release) - 2023-01-14T17:30:34Z

  • New: Add support for multiple profiles (6bb52d5)
  • Improved: Configurable editor font size (#7596 by Henry Heino)
  • Improved: Confirm closing settings with unsaved changes (#7566 by Henry Heino)
  • Improved: Upgrade to React Native 0.69 (7e29804)
  • Improved: Upgrade to React Native 0.70 (4bdb3d0)
  • Fixed: Fixed biometrics prompt on new devices (9eff7e6)
  • Fixed: Fixed issue when floating keyboard is visible (#7593) (#6682 by Henry Heino)
  • Fixed: Remove gray line around text editor (#7595) (#7594 by Henry Heino)

android-v2.10.3 (Pre-release) - 2023-01-05T11:29:06Z

  • New: Add support for locking the app using biometrics (f10d9f7)
  • Improved: Make the new text editor the default one (f5ef318)
  • Fixed: Fixed proxy timeout setting UI (275c80a)
  • Fixed: Settings save button visible even when no settings have been changed (#7503)

android-v2.10.2 (Pre-release) - 2023-01-02T17:44:15Z

  • New: Add support for realtime search (767213c)
  • Fixed: Enable autocorrect with spellcheck (#7532) (#6175 by Henry Heino)

android-v2.10.1 (Pre-release) - 2022-12-29T13:55:48Z

  • Improved: Switch license to AGPL-3.0 (faf0a4e)
  • Improved: Tag search case insensitive (#7368 by @JackGruber)
  • Improved: Update Mermaid: 9.1.7 to 9.2.2 (#7330 by Helmut K. C. Tessarek)
  • Improved: Upgrade to react-native 0.68.5 (e2d59ee)
  • Fixed: Could not attach images to notes anymore (#7471)
  • Fixed: Fix CodeMirror syntax highlighting (#7386 by Henry Heino)
  • Fixed: Fix attaching multiple files (#7196) (#7195 by Self Not Found)
  • Fixed: Update CodeMirror (#7262) (#7253 by Henry Heino)
  • Security: Fix XSS when a specially crafted string is passed to the renderer (762b4e8)

android-v2.9.8 (Pre-release) - 2022-11-01T15:45:36Z

  • Updated translations

android-v2.9.7 (Pre-release) - 2022-10-30T10:25:01Z

  • Fixed: Fixed notebook icons alignment (ea6b7ca)
  • Fixed: Fixed crash when attaching a file.

android-v2.9.6 (Pre-release) - 2022-10-23T16:23:25Z

  • New: Add monochrome icon (#6954 by Tom Bursch)
  • Fixed: Fix file system sync issues (#6943 by @jd1378)
  • Fixed: Fix note attachment issue (#6932 by @jd1378)
  • Fixed: Fixed notebook icon spacing (633c9ac)
  • Fixed: Support non-ASCII characters in OneDrive (#6916) (#6838 by Self Not Found)

android-v2.9.5 (Pre-release) - 2022-10-11T13:52:00Z

  • Improved: Disable multi-highlighting to fix context menu (9b348fd)
  • Improved: Display icon for all notebooks if at least one notebook has an icon (ec97dd8)

android-v2.9.3 (Pre-release) - 2022-10-07T11:12:56Z

  • Improved: Convert empty bolded regions to bold-italic regions in beta editor (#6807) (#6808 by Henry Heino)
  • Improved: Increase the attachment size limit to 200MB (#6848 by Self Not Found)
  • Improved: Show client ID in log (#6897 by Self Not Found)
  • Improved: Supports attaching multiple files to a note at once (#6831 by Self Not Found)
  • Improved: Update Mermaid 8.13.9 to 9.1.7 (#6849 by Helmut K. C. Tessarek)
  • Fixed: Double/triple-tap selection doesn't show context menu (#6803) (#6802 by Henry Heino)
  • Fixed: Fix multiple webview instances (#6841 by Henry Heino)
  • Fixed: Fix resources sync when proxy is set (#6817) (#6688 by Self Not Found)
  • Fixed: Fixed crash when trying to move note to notebook (#6898)

android-v2.9.2 (Pre-release) - 2022-09-01T11:14:58Z

  • New: Add Markdown toolbar (#6753 by Henry Heino)
  • New: Add long-press tooltips (#6758 by Henry Heino)
  • Improved: Enable spellcheck by default on beta editor (#6778 by Henry Heino)
  • Improved: Setting to disable spellcheck in beta editor (#6780 by Henry Heino)
  • Fixed: Don't reload the application on screen rotation (#6737) (#6732 by Henry Heino)
  • Fixed: Fix default font in beta editor (#6760) (#6759 by Henry Heino)
  • Fixed: Fix side menu width on wide screen devices (#6662 by Tolulope Malomo)
  • Fixed: Fixed Android filesystem sync (resources) (#6789) (#6779 by @jd1378)
  • Fixed: Fixed handling of normal paths in filesystem sync (#6792) (#6791 by @jd1378)

android-v2.9.1 (Pre-release) - 2022-08-12T17:14:49Z

  • New: Add alt text/roles to some buttons to improve accessibility (#6616 by Henry Heino)
  • New: Add keyboard-activatable markdown commands (e.g. bold, italicize) on text editor (#6707 by Henry Heino)
  • Improved: Ctrl+F search support in beta editor (#6587 by Henry Heino)
  • Improved: Improve syntax highlighting on mobile beta editor (#6684 by Henry Heino)
  • Improved: Removes whitespace above navigation component (#6597 by @tmclo)
  • Fixed: Do not encrypt non-owned note if it was not shared encrypted (#6645)
  • Fixed: Fix checklist continuation in beta editor (#6577) (#6576 by Henry Heino)
  • Fixed: Fixed android filesystem sync (#6395) (#5779 by @jd1378)
  • Fixed: Note links with HTML notation did not work (#6515)
  • Fixed: Scroll selection into view in beta editor when window resizes (#6610) (#5949 by Henry Heino)

android-v2.8.1 (Pre-release) - 2022-05-18T13:35:01Z

  • Improved: Allow filtering tags in tag dialog (#6221 by @shinglyu)
  • Improved: Automatically start sync after setting the sync parameters (ff066ba)
  • Improved: Color of Date-Time text changed to match theme (#6279 by Ayush Srivastava)
  • Improved: Handle invalid revision patches (#6209)
  • Improved: Improve error message when revision metadata cannot be decoded, to improve debugging (a325bf6)
  • Improved: Make search engine filter keywords case insensitive (#6267) (#6266 by @JackGruber)
  • Improved: Sort sync target options (814a5a0)
  • Fixed: "Move Note" dropdown menu can be very narrow (#6306) (#3564 by Ayush Srivastava)
  • Fixed: Cursor hard to see in dark mode (#6307) (#5987 by Henry Heino)
  • Fixed: Ensure that note revision markup type is set correctly (#6261)
  • Fixed: Error when pressing undo or redo button while editor is closed (#6426) (#6328 by Tolulope Malomo)
  • Fixed: Long path in "Export profile" prevents tapping OK button (#6359) (#6026 by Tolulope Malomo)
  • Fixed: Prevent multiline note titles (#6144) (#5482 by @Daeraxa)
  • Fixed: Support inserting attachments from Beta Editor (#6325) (#6324 by Henry Heino)
  • Fixed: The camera button remains clickable after taking a photo bug (#6222 by @shinglyu)

android-v2.7.2 (Pre-release) - 2022-02-12T12:51:29Z

  • New: Add additional time format (#6086 by @vincentjocodes)
  • Improved: Do not duplicate resources when duplicating a note (721d008)
  • Improved: Make heading 4, 5 and 6 styling more consistent (fca5875)
  • Improved: Show login prompt for OneDrive (#5933 by Jonathan Heard)
  • Improved: Update Mermaid 8.13.5 -> 8.13.9 and Katex dependencies (#6039 by Helmut K. C. Tessarek)
  • Fixed: Shared resource was not encrypted with correct encryption key (#6092)

android-v2.6.9 - 2021-12-20T14:58:42Z

  • Fixed: Fixed issue where synchroniser would try to update a shared folder that is not longer accessible (667d642)

android-v2.6.8 - 2021-12-17T10:15:00Z

  • Improved: Update Mermaid: 8.12.1 -> 8.13.5 (#5831 by Helmut K. C. Tessarek)
  • Fixed: Links in flowchart Mermaid diagrams (#5830) (#5801 by Helmut K. C. Tessarek)

android-v2.6.5 (Pre-release) - 2021-12-13T09:41:18Z

  • Fixed: Fixed "Invalid lock client type" error when migrating sync target (e0e93c4)

android-v2.6.4 (Pre-release) - 2021-12-01T11:38:49Z

  • Improved: Also duplicate resources when duplicating a note (c0a8c33)
  • Improved: Improved S3 sync error handling and reliability, and upgraded S3 SDK (#5312 by Lee Matos)
  • Fixed: Alarm setting buttons were no longer visible (#5777)
  • Fixed: Alarms were not being triggered in some cases (#5798) (#5216 by Roman Musin)
  • Fixed: Fixed opening attachments (6950c40)
  • Fixed: Handle duplicate attachments when the parent notebook is shared (#5796)

android-v2.6.3 (Pre-release) - 2021-11-21T16:59:46Z

  • New: Add date format YYYY/MM/DD (#5759 by Helmut K. C. Tessarek)
  • New: Add support for faster built-in sync locks (#5662)
  • New: Add support for sharing notes when E2EE is enabled (#5529)
  • New: Added support for notebook icons (e97bb78)
  • Improved: Improved error message when synchronising with Joplin Server (#5754)
  • Improved: Makes it impossible to have multiple instances of the app open (#5587 by Filip Stanis)
  • Improved: Remove non-OSS dependencies (#5735 by @muelli)
  • Fixed: Fixed issue that could cause application to needlessly lock the sync target (0de6e9e)
  • Fixed: Fixed issue with parts of HTML notes not being displayed in some cases (#5687)
  • Fixed: Sharing multiple notebooks via Joplin Server with the same user results in an error (#5721)

android-v2.6.1 (Pre-release) - 2021-11-02T20:49:53Z

  • Improved: Upgraded React Native from 0.64 to 0.66 (66e79cc)
  • Fixed: Fixed potential infinite loop when Joplin Server session is invalid (c5569ef)

android-v2.5.5 (Pre-release) - 2021-10-31T11:03:16Z

  • New: Add padding around beta text editor (365e152)
  • Improved: Capitalise first word of sentence in beta editor (4128be9)
  • Fixed: Do not render very large code blocks to prevent app from freezing (#5593)

android-v2.5.3 (Pre-release) - 2021-10-28T21:47:18Z

  • New: Add support for public-private key pairs and improved master password support (#5438)
  • New: Added mechanism to migrate default settings to new values (72db8e4)
  • Improved: Ensure that shared notebook children are not deleted when shared, unshared and shared again, and a conflict happens (ccf9882)
  • Improved: Improve delete dialog message (#5481) (#4701 by Helmut K. C. Tessarek)
  • Improved: Improved Joplin Server configuration check to better handle disabled accounts (72c1235)
  • Improved: Improved handling of expired sessions when using Joplin Server (33249ca)
  • Fixed: Certain attachments were not being automatically deleted (#932)
  • Fixed: Fixed logic of setting master password in Encryption screen (#5585)

android-v2.4.3 - 2021-09-29T18:47:24Z

  • Fixed: Fix default sync target (4b39d30)

android-v2.4.2 (Pre-release) - 2021-09-22T17:02:37Z

  • Improved: Allow disabling any master key, including default or active one (9407efd)
  • Improved: Update Mermaid 8.10.2 -> 8.12.1 and fix gitGraph crash (#5448) (#5295 by Helmut K. C. Tessarek)
  • Fixed: Misinterpreted search term after filter in quotation marks (#5445) (#5444 by @JackGruber)

android-v2.4.1 (Pre-release) - 2021-08-30T13:37:34Z

  • New: Add a way to disable a master key (7faa58e)
  • New: Add support for single master password, to simplify handling of multiple encryption keys (ce89ee5)
  • New: Added "None" sync target to allow disabling synchronisation (f5f05e6)
  • Improved: Do not display master key upgrade warnings for new master keys (70efadd)
  • Improved: Improved sync locks so that they do not prevent upgrading a sync target (06ed58b)
  • Improved: Show the used tags first in the tagging dialog (#5315 by @JackGruber)
  • Fixed: Fixed crash when a required master key does not exist (#5391)

android-v2.3.4 (Pre-release) - 2021-08-15T13:27:57Z

  • Fixed: Bump highlight.js to v11.2 (#5278) (#5245 by Roman Musin)

android-v2.3.3 (Pre-release) - 2021-08-12T20:46:15Z

  • Improved: Improved E2EE usability by making its state a property of the sync target (#5276)

android-v2.2.5 (Pre-release) - 2021-08-11T10:54:38Z

  • Revert "Plugins: Add ability to make dialogs fit the application window (#5219)" as it breaks several plugin webviews.
  • Revert "Resolves #4810, Resolves #4610: Fix AWS S3 sync error and upgrade framework to v3 (#5212)" due to incompatibility with some AWS providers.
  • Improved: Upgraded React Native to v0.64 (afb7e1a)

android-v2.2.3 (Pre-release) - 2021-08-09T18:48:29Z

  • Improved: Ensure that timestamps are not changed when sharing or unsharing a note (cafaa9c)
  • Improved: Fix AWS S3 sync error and upgrade framework to v3 (#5212) (#4810 by Lee Matos)
  • Improved: Handles OneDrive throttling responses and sets User-Agent based on Microsoft best practices (#5246) (#5244 by @alec)
  • Improved: Make sync icon spin in the right direction (#5275) (#4588 by Lee Matos)
  • Fixed: Fixed issue with orphaned resource being created in case of a resource conflict (#5223)

android-v2.2.1 (Pre-release) - 2021-07-13T17:37:38Z

  • New: Added improved editor (beta)
  • Improved: Disable backup to Google Drive (#5114 by Roman Musin)
  • Improved: Interpret only valid search filters (#5103) (#3871 by @JackGruber)
  • Improved: Removed old editor code (e01a175)

android-v2.1.4 - 2021-07-03T08:31:36Z

  • Fixed: Fixes #5133: Items keep being uploaded to Joplin Server after a note has been shared.
  • Fixed: Fixed issue where untitled notes where created after a note had been shared and synced

android-v2.1.3 - 2021-06-27T13:34:12Z

  • New: Add support for X-API-MIN-VERSION header (51f3c00)
  • Improved: Activate Joplin Server optimisations (3d03321)
  • Improved: Also allow disabling TLS errors for Joplin Cloud to go around error UNABLE_TO_GET_ISSUER_CERT_LOCALLY (118a2f9)
  • Fixed: Fixed search when the index contains non-existing notes (5ecac21)
  • Fixed: Fixed version number on config screen (65e9268)

android-v2.1.2 (Pre-release) - 2021-06-20T18:36:23Z

  • Fixed: Fixed error that could prevent a revision from being created, and that would prevent the revision service from processing the rest of the notes (#5051)
  • Fixed: Fixed issue when trying to sync an item associated with a share that no longer exists (5bb68ba)

android-v2.1.1 (Pre-release) - 2021-06-19T16:42:57Z

  • New: Add version number to log (525ab01)
  • New: Added feature flags to disable Joplin Server sync optimisations by default, so that it still work with server 2.0 (326fef4)
  • Improved: Allow enabling and disabling feature flags (5b368e3)
  • Improved: Allow uploading items in batch when synchronising with Joplin Server (0222c0f)
  • Improved: Improved first sync speed when synchronising with Joplin Server (4dc1210)
  • Improved: Mask auth token and password in log (0d33955)
  • Improved: Optimise first synchronisation, when items have never been synced before (15ce5cd)
  • Improved: Update Mermaid: 8.8.4 -> 8.10.2 (#5092 by Helmut K. C. Tessarek)

android-v2.0.4 - 2021-06-16T12:15:56Z

  • Improved: Prevent sync process from being stuck when the download state of a resource is invalid (5c6fd93)

android-v2.0.3 (Pre-release) - 2021-06-16T09:48:58Z

  • Improved: Verbose mode for synchronizer (4bbb3d1)

android-v2.0.2 - 2021-06-15T20:03:21Z

  • Improved: Conflict notes will now populate a new field with the ID of the conflict note. (#5049 by @Ahmad45123)
  • Improved: Filter out form elements from note body to prevent potential XSS (thanks to Dmytro Vdovychinskiy for the PoC) (feaecf7)
  • Improved: Focus note editor where tapped instead of scrolling to the end (#4998) (#4216 by Roman Musin)
  • Improved: Improve search with Asian scripts (#5018) (#4613 by @mablin7)
  • Fixed: Fixed and improved alarm notifications (#4984) (#4912 by Roman Musin)
  • Fixed: Fixed opening URLs that contain non-alphabetical characters (#4494)
  • Fixed: Fixed user content URLs when sharing note via Joplin Server (2cf7067)
  • Fixed: Inline Katex gets broken when editing in Rich Text editor (#5052) (#5025 by @Subhra264)
  • Fixed: Items are filtered in the API search (#5017) (#5007 by @JackGruber)
  • Fixed: Wrong field removed in API search (#5066 by @JackGruber)