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Joplin is now featured on

· 2 minutes de lecture

Joplin is now featured on, a site dedicated to providing knowledge and tools to protect people's privacy against global mass surveillance. The app was kindly submitted by Mats Estensen on GitHub and accepted soon after.

Since day one the Joplin project has indeed been concerned with privacy - offering End To End Encryption and supporting open standards, including WebDAV for synchronisation. Setting up Joplin synchronisation can be more complicated than other existing note applications, but the advantage is that once it is done you 100% own the data and even the infrastructure if you use Nextcloud on your own server.

The applications do not track users, and of course there is not and will never be ads. It also makes very few web requests (outside of synchronisation). In fact only two requests are made, and both can be disabled in the options:

  • One for geolocation tagging, to associate a latitude and longitude with a note.

  • One for the auto-update checks. It makes a request to GitHub to check if a new version has been released.

This endorsement by PrivacyTools is great news for the project. It means more users, and that our efforts to create a privacy-respecting tool are going in the right direction.