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Joplin is looking into joining Google Summer of Code in 2020

· 2 minutes de lecture

Joplin is looking into joining Google Summer of Code next summer. The application period as organisation is expected to happen in the second half of January 2020. Until then Joplin hopes to have multiple active discussion and may even have some easy commits in regard to the application and potential projects.

For those who don’t know, GSoC is a summer internship sponsored by Google, where open source organisations get full-time students as interns (paid by Google) to help take care of tasks. It’s a huge boon to many open source projects, allowing potentially some impressive progress to take place, and therefore many organisations try to qualify.

In order to apply, we'd need:

  • A list of good task suggestions for students. These tasks need to be things that can be realistically done by someone working full-time over a single summer. Students can suggest other tasks, but we are going to provide some suggestions.
  • People volunteering to mentor a student. Mentoring requires continuous communication and contact with the student, as well as responding to requests and questions. I’ve mentored in the past, and it’s a fun experience.

Fell free to make a suggestion or offer support by creating topics in the Features category of the forum and tagging them by #GSoC and #2020, if it is directly related to the upcoming coding season. More details on how to contribute will be published soon.

In general, Google wants to know that its money is put to good use, so we, as the Joplin community, need to show active involvement in this, leading to a solid schedule of desired deliverables during the coding phase.

The GSoC application is managed by @PackElend. He is an open source enthusiast with a big believe in a fair economy. He has recognised that Joplin has the potential to become one of the best note taking apps, and he sees the GSoC has a great opportunity to bring certain essential features to Joplin. PackElend mentored students in the past for another project and thus is aware of the pitfalls. He would appreciate if he could get support in giving the documentation the final touch.