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Joplin is applying for GSoC 2021!

· 2 minutes de lecture

We are going to apply again this year for GSoC. If we are selected by Google, this year's theme will be centered around:

  • Joplin plugin system - eg. development of various features that can be done as plugins, and improvement of the plugin system itself.

  • Joplin external applications - anything that can be developed as an external application and that makes use of Joplin's API and other extension points.

At times we had a rough GSoC last year, mostly because we weren't familiar with the process and how to best handle various situations, but overall it was a success and we got great improvements to the search engine and keyboard shortcut systems thanks to our two students. We plan to make some adjustments to the way we welcome students to make the process go smoothly this year.

We will submit the GSoC application on 19 Feb and will let you know if we are selected. Like last year, we would appreciate any help with managing the event - if you are interested in being a tutor, or if you can help with welcoming new students and answering their questions, please let us know!

So far, we have @CalebJohn, @PackElend, @tessus and myself as potential tutors.