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New website is ready!

· 2 minutes de lecture

The new website is finally ready at

The previous website had been built organically over the past few years. It had a lot of useful content but finding your way was tricky and, for new users, it wasn't clear what Joplin was about. Finding out how to install the app wasn't obvious since the download buttons were lost in the clutter of information.

So the new website includes a front page with clear goals:

  • Allows people to easily download the app - for that there's a large Download button at the top and bottom of the page. It redirects to a page that automatically picks the version based on your operating system.
  • Showcase the application key features. The key features post on the forum helped narrow down what Joplin is about, so there are sections about the web clipper, the open source nature of the app, encryption, synchronisation, customisation and the ability to create multimedia notes.
  • The top screenshots have also been updated (the previous one was showing a dev version from 2016, before the app was even released). As a nod to Scott Joplin, the screenshot shows an imaginary plan to open a vintage piano store, with various tasks, tables, documents and images attached, to showcase Joplin features.
  • Finally there's a Press section, which includes extracts from some cool articles that have been written about the app.

Also many thanks to everyone who voted and contributed to the tagline discussion! It helped narrow down what the tagline should be, along with the equally important description below. If you have any question or notice any issue with the website let me know!