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What's new in Joplin 2.12

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Support for Apple Silicon

A new release is now available for Apple Silicon, which provides improve performances on this architecture.

Rich Text editor

In this release, we've undertaken numerous enhancements and addressed various bugs in the Rich Text editor. Notably, we've introduced support for plugin toolbar icons. Additionally, we've refined the editor's ability to manage text that's copied from applications like Word, Office, and LibreOffice, thereby enhancing cross-application compatibility. Among the minor yet impactful improvements, we've fine-tuned the handling of newlines and paragraphs—a highly requested feature. Another notable update is the improved automatic switching between light and dark modes.

Altogether, this release encompasses around 12 significant changes for the Rich Text editor, and rest assured, there's more to come in the future!

Share permissions

Using Joplin Cloud Teams, you now have the ability to customize the read and write permissions for the notebooks you share. You have the option to grant other users permission to edit the notes or share them as read-only. This ensures that you can confidently share a notebook without worrying about unintentional modifications by your friends or colleagues.

Email to Note

Joplin Cloud Pro and Teams also now include the Email to Note feature, allowing you to conveniently store your emails within Joplin Cloud. By simply forwarding your emails to your Joplin Cloud address, you can transform them into notes. The email's subject will serve as the note title, while the body of the email will be the note's content. These notes will be organized within a notebook named "Inbox."

More information in the Email to Note documentation.

Choose to resize an image or not

By default, when you add a large image, Joplin will ask you if you would like to shrink it down or not. With this new release, you now have the option to always ask, to always resize, or to never resize the image, giving you more flexibility and reducing the number of prompts in the app.

Rotating log

Up until now, the logs could grow to become very large, and if you wanted to shrink them down you would have to manually delete them. With this new release, we now automatically handle logs by rotating them - once the log becomes large enough it is moved to an archive. And once the archive is older than a number of days, it is deleted.


Like the desktop app, the mobile apps benefits from the Share Permissions update, as well as the Email to Note feature for Joplin Cloud. There are also plenty of other improvements - all in all there's 23 bug fixes, enhancements and security fixes in this release.

Full changelog

This is just an overview of the main features. The full changelog is available there:

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