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Joplin Server Changelog

server-v2.14.2 - 2024-01-18T17:22:42Z

  • Improved: Check Postgres required version before starting the server (#9695)
  • Improved: Display correct date and time on published notes (f38abc5)
  • Improved: Optimise synchronisation by making delta call return whole items (5341501)
  • Improved: Revert to Formidable v2 to avoid random crashes (be94939)
  • Improved: Updated packages fs-extra (v11.2.0), knex (v3.1.0), ldapts (v7.0.7), rate-limiter-flexible (v3.0.6), react, sharp (v0.33.1), style-to-js (v1.1.10), tesseract.js (v5.0.3)

server-v2.14.1 - 2023-12-17T15:07:52Z

  • Improved: Support including items with delta call to optimise sync (67a6870)
  • Improved: Updated packages @rmp135/sql-ts (v1.18.1), mermaid (v10.6.1), nanoid (v3.3.7), node-cron (v3.0.3), rate-limiter-flexible (v3.0.4), react, style-to-js (v1.1.9), tesseract.js (v4.1.4)
  • Fixed: Redirect user from login to home if already logged (#9415) (#9367 by @pedr)

server-v2.13.5 - 2023-11-19T09:33:53Z

  • Improved: Increase number of items that are returned during sync (767bf9f)
  • Improved: Updated packages highlight.js (v11.9.0), ldapts (v7.0.6), sass (v1.69.5)
  • Fixed: Fix severe performance issue for certain delta calls (f698068)
  • Fixed: Fixed issue with sync not immediately returning all items in certain cases (87aeffa)

server-v2.13.4 - 2023-11-15T15:30:19Z

  • New: Added LDAP authentication (#9150 by Marco Rombach)
  • Improved: Updated packages mermaid (v10.5.1), nodemailer (v6.9.7), sass (v1.69.0)

server-v2.13.3 - 2023-11-01T16:29:32Z

  • Improved: Automatically restarts the server when it crashes, with exponential back-off (0c8b475)
  • Improved: Improve parsing of uploaded content and error handling (db88dfc)
  • Improved: Updated packages katex (v0.16.9), nodemailer (v6.9.6), react, sass (v1.68.0)

server-v2.13.2 - 2023-10-19T19:49:44Z

  • Improved: Significantly improve sync performances, especially when there are many changes (5986710)
  • Improved: Updated packages compare-versions (v6.1.0), dayjs (v1.11.10), follow-redirects (v1.15.3), glob (v10.3.6), katex (v0.16.8), markdown-it (v13.0.2), node-mocks-http (v1.13.0), nodemailer (v6.9.5), nodemon (v3.0.1), react, sass (v1.66.1), sharp (v0.32.6), sprintf-js (v1.1.3), tar (v6.2.0), uuid (v9.0.1)
  • Fixed: Fixed publishing logo (01f37df)

server-v2.13.1 - 2023-09-20T15:15:32Z

  • New: Add Joplin Server and Joplin Cloud favicons (1b00445)
  • New: Add function to get db default value (6962ba1)
  • New: Add support for separate admin instance (d78ab16)
  • Improved: Add a link to resend email verification email (#8650) (#7808 by @hubert)
  • Improved: Allow any account to share with any other account (13c4eba)
  • Improved: By default, sort user deletion in descending order (68ffdc5)
  • Improved: Disallow loading env file that contains duplicate keys (9d16dd2)
  • Improved: Do not allow the server to start if a migration needs to be applied (1acbb5d)
  • Improved: Ensure that server does not crash when trying to start a task that is already running (5ed3d94)
  • Improved: Remove event-based services (c718706)
  • Improved: Removed obsolete node-env-file dependency (c0501fc)
  • Improved: Set db default value in exported schema (6cdb1a7)
  • Improved: Support setting an instance name (36e9e0a)
  • Improved: Throwing an error if the password being saved already seems to be hashed (#8637 by @pedr)
  • Improved: Updated packages @rmp135/sql-ts (v1.18.0), buildTools, dayjs (v1.11.9), gettext-parser (v7.0.1), glob (v10.3.4), jquery (v3.7.1), jsdom (v22.1.0), knex (v2.5.1), markdown-it-multimd-table (v4.2.3), nodemailer (v6.9.4), pg (v8.11.3), rate-limiter-flexible (v2.4.2), react, sass (v1.65.1), sharp (v0.32.5), word-wrap (v1.2.5)
  • Improved: Upgraded Formidable parsing library (a04654a)
  • Fixed: Searching for user should be case insensitive (#8682) (#8307 by @hubert)
  • Fixed: Sorting users by "total size" leads to a crash (#8680) (#8308 by @hubert)

server-v2.12.1 - 2023-07-13T10:23:24Z

  • New: Add yarn patches to Docker image (e91e38c)
  • Improved: Updated packages @rmp135/sql-ts (v1.17.0), clean-html (v2), dayjs (v1.11.8), glob (v10.2.7), jquery (v3.7.0), pg (v8.11.0), standard (v17.1.0)

server-v2.11.2 - 2023-06-20T08:40:54Z

  • Improved: Allow giving a different version number to forks (091eff9)
  • Improved: Improve performance and reliability when adding an item (17888a2)
  • Improved: Process orphaned items (84b130e)
  • Improved: Updated packages @koa/cors (v4), aws, buildTools, domhandler (v5), domutils (v3.1.0), formidable (v3), highlight.js (v11.8.0), jsdom (v21.1.2), markdown-it-multimd-table (v4.2.2), nodemailer (v6.9.3), sass (v1.62.1), sharp (v0.32.1), tar (v6.1.15), yargs (v17.7.2)
  • Fixed: Fixed copyright year (a7e185e)

server-v2.11.1 - 2023-05-15T17:16:13Z

  • Improved: Allow setting NTP server using NTP_SERVER env variable (#8153)
  • Improved: Improved handling of items with duplicate IDs (a0b707c)
  • Improved: Updated packages aws, fs-extra (v11.1.1), jquery (v3.6.4), jsdom (v21.1.1), koa (v2.14.2), markdown-it-multimd-table (v4.2.1), nanoid (v3.3.6), node-mocks-http (v1.12.2), nodemon (v2.0.22), pg (v8.10.0), reselect (v4.1.8), sass (v1.60.0), sharp (v0.32.0), sqlite3 (v5.1.6), turndown (v7.1.2)

server-v2.10.11 - 2023-03-17T17:50:13Z

  • Improved: Updated packages nodemon (v2.0.21)

server-v2.10.10 - 2023-03-09T14:37:07Z

  • Improved: Clean up share logic (107f2e1)

server-v2.10.8 - 2023-02-09T18:24:27Z

  • Fixed: Fixed sharing issue when a user no longer has a user item associated with their account (293f621)

server-v2.10.7 - 2023-02-09T15:57:31Z

  • Fixed: Fixed sharing issue for changes that are associated with deleted items (05c17fb)

server-v2.10.6 - 2023-02-06T19:01:36Z

  • New: Add in ability to use Postgres connection string in configuration (#6836 by @halkeye)
  • Fixed: Fixed issue when an item is associated with a share that no longer exists (ba5f0bc)

server-v2.10.5 - 2022-12-26T12:09:13Z

  • Fixed: Fixed regression that would prevent styles from being loaded in published notes (#7525)

server-v2.10.4 - 2022-12-18T16:02:06Z

  • Fixed: Fixed regression introduced by form-parse lib update (#7463)

server-v2.10.3 - 2022-12-15T23:32:16Z

  • Upgraded packages for performance and security improvements.

server-v2.9.7 - 2022-11-05T16:51:39Z

  • Improved: Allow enabling and disabling tasks (1379c9c)
  • Improved: Allow searching user by email or name (1cfbefb)
  • Improved: Fail-safe when trying to delete a non-disabled account (21883b4)
  • Improved: Paginate users (8ac8d53)
  • Improved: Refactor table structure (8ea6d89)
  • Improved: Update sender email (bf92ee7)
  • Improved: Upgrade Koa framework to 2.13.4 (dc92546)
  • Improved: Upgrade to Node 18 (f34078b)
  • Improved: When re-activating an account, remove it from the deletion queue (bbc4228)
  • Fixed: Fixed account activation logic (ccf5d20)

server-v2.9.5 - 2022-10-11T10:44:01Z

  • New: Add support for sidebar in user pages (053dbab)
  • Improved: Automatically delete expired sessions (d5dfecc)
  • Improved: Cannot sort user deletions by email (8e18024)
  • Improved: Do not make checkboxes in published notes clickable (cb637e8)
  • Improved: Improve admin email UI (e3c9bcb)
  • Improved: Process user deletions once an hour (f99b8df)
  • Improved: Use apt to install tini to enable multi-platform support (#6097 by Erik Thomsen)
  • Fixed: Could not manually start task (#6491)
  • Fixed: Fixed Unsupported File Type error when sharing certain notes (#6531)
  • Fixed: Fixed removal of user deletion tasks (8f8cc12)
  • Fixed: Fixed sidebar menu selection (422a5bf)
  • Fixed: Fixed user deletion schedule (bfe5ee8)
  • Fixed: Published note must be scrollable when it contains a large table (#6370)

server-v2.7.4 - 2022-02-02T19:23:34Z

  • New: Add task to automate deletion of disabled accounts (1afcb27)
  • Improved: Always display Help link even when not logged in (00163f5)
  • Improved: Call server start command directly, without going through npm (c185f00)
  • Improved: Disable session expiration logic for now (4c11bbf)
  • Improved: Enabled task to automatically delete sessions every 6 hours (69170dd)
  • Improved: Fixed handling of mailer security settings, and changed env variable name MAILER_SECURE => MAILER_SECURITY, and default port 587 => 465 (Breaking change) (#5222)
  • Improved: Improved env variable validation and support true-false as boolean values (fd322ed)
  • Improved: Improved string localization in views (98bfb65)
  • Improved: Make page wider only when displaying admin pages (df9c460)
  • Improved: Move admin pages under /admin (#6006)
  • Improved: Put admin pages under /admin (09cbe3c)
  • Improved: Remove unneeded CSS file (9dbf5e0)
  • Improved: Set NODE_ENV to "production" in Docker image (ed0f0fa)
  • Improved: Set a timestamp when disabling a user (2f7ab7e)
  • Improved: Simplify Docker image (#6010)
  • Improved: Temporarily save user info before deleting account (68469bc)
  • Improved: View sent emails from admin dashboard (f5f7981)
  • Fixed: Fixed sharing notebook with a user that does not have E2EE enabled (#5958)
  • Fixed: Use multi-stage builds and smaller base image (#6048) (#5397 by @aaron)

server-v2.7.3 - 2021-12-29T13:35:12Z

  • Improved: Allow deleting complete user data (#5824)
  • Improved: Changed ID length from 32 to 22 characters (e9ce3d1)
  • Improved: Disable logs and items pages for end-user (83a46e5)
  • Improved: Display NTP server domain and port when there is an error, and display message when NTP check is skipped (4a1bc07)
  • Improved: Increase default MAX_TIME_DRIFT to 2000 (35f684a)
  • Improved: Setup localisation (aa42ceb)

server-v2.6.14 - 2021-12-02T16:29:54Z

  • Improved: Improved storage command (122afd6)

server-v2.6.13 - 2021-11-29T18:41:28Z

  • New: Added command to delete database item content (01048f5)
  • Improved: Allow disabling NTP time drift check (dc67eac)
  • Improved: Do not set the SMTP auth option when user or password are not set (#5791 by @MovingEarth)
  • Improved: Increase default MAX_TIME_DRIFT to 100ms (8e54a65)
  • Improved: Optimise reading from external storage when fallback driver is not present (4fecb08)
  • Improved: Remove unique constraint errors from the log when they are already handled by the application (a6884a2)
  • Improved: Retry NTP request up to three times when it fails (7eb1d89)

server-v2.6.12 - 2021-11-23T16:30:27Z

  • New: Added task to compress changes older than 6 months (75f7296)
  • Improved: Allow specifying a max content size when importing content to new storage (080c3cc)
  • Improved: Check for time drift when the server starts (#5738)
  • Improved: Display more debug info in error log (3716972)
  • Improved: Display more detailed error messages on SQL query errors (42a4edb)
  • Improved: Perform storage checks before starting services (16d5047)
  • Fixed: Fixed HandleOversizedAccounts task interval (fc419d9)

server-v2.6.11 - 2021-11-14T17:14:51Z

  • Improved: Prevent large data blobs from crashing the application (5eb3a92)

server-v2.6.10 - 2021-11-13T12:47:53Z

  • Improved: Improved storage migration error handling, and improved storage test units (5a41d80)
  • Improved: Rename "ReadOnly" mode to "ReadAndClear" to avoid any confusion (5cd4537)

server-v2.6.9 - 2021-11-11T16:38:00Z

  • Improved: Hide more credentials from the log (73137cf)
  • New: Added command to test a storage connection (c6dec0a)
  • New: Added command to migrate content to different storage (005f720)

server-v2.6.5 - 2021-11-10T12:07:50Z

  • Improved: Allow storing item content in database, filesystem or S3 (depending on config) (#5602)

server-v2.6.3 - 2021-11-08T15:20:41Z

  • New: Add support for sharing notes when E2EE is enabled (#5529)
  • Improved: Disable mailer service if no-reply email is not set (ce5c5d6)
  • Improved: Display latest migration name after auto-migration (7ad73df)
  • Improved: Immediately ask user to set password after Stripe checkout (9e1cb9d)
  • Improved: Set resource content size when viewing published note (70d5c7a)

server-v2.6.2 - 2021-11-03T12:54:38Z

  • New: Add support for faster built-in sync locks (#5662)
  • Improved: Improved env variable handling to make it self documenting and enforce type checking (b5d792c)
  • Improved: Improved logging and rendering of low level middleware errors (3704413)

server-v2.5.10 - 2021-11-02T14:45:54Z

  • New: Add unique constraint on name and owner ID of items table (f7a18ba)
  • Fixed: Fixed issue that could cause server to return empty items in some rare cases (99ea4b7)

server-v2.5.9 - 2021-10-28T19:43:41Z

  • Improved: Remove session expiration for now (4a2af32)

server-v2.5.8 - 2021-10-28T16:07:23Z

  • New: Added item owner ID, and allow disabling db auto-migrations (b655f27)
  • Fixed: Fixed Stripe portal page redirection (9ba90b5)
  • Fixed: Fixed items.owner_id migration (a753429)
  • Fixed: Fixed display of latest migration in startup log (#5627 by @KowalskiPiotr98)
  • Improved: Moved CLI commands to separate files (dca13b3)
  • Improved: Delete all sessions when a password is changed or reset (b497177)
  • Improved: Expire sessions after 12 hours (0ada1df)
  • Improved: Improved task service log entries (bc5a853)
  • Improved: Run oversized account task more frequently (2f09f88)

server-v2.5.5 - 2021-10-23T20:58:37Z

  • New: Added tool to delete old changes (169b585)
  • Fixed: Fixed issue when a notebook is shared, then unshared, then shared again (47fc51e)

server-v2.5.2 - 2021-10-07T13:36:27Z

  • New: Add support for promotion codes (5b58811)
  • Improved: Sort flags by date (31efc9b)
  • Fixed: Fixed links in published notes (#5507)

server-v2.5.1 - 2021-09-29T15:52:34Z

  • New: Add support for events and use them to track background tasks (79d1ad7)
  • Improved: Allow manually deleting a user flag (3a11885)
  • Improved: Also clear admin session ID on logout after impersonating a user (24945a0)
  • Improved: Correctly attach Stripe sub to Joplin Server sub when it is recreated from Stripe (5da820a)
  • Improved: Display banner when an account is disabled and provide reason (8c9331c)
  • Improved: Only disable API access when an account is disabled (6fec2a9)
  • Improved: Remove AccountOverLimit flag from accounts that are now below the limit (5de5370)
  • Improved: Send reminder email every time a payment fails (2dd8045)

server-v2.4.11-beta - 2021-09-26T17:10:57Z

  • Improved: Do not allow accepting share more than once (57a1d03)
  • Fixed: Fixed Stripe checkout when a coupon is used (c45f961)

server-v2.4.10-beta (Pre-release) - 2021-09-25T19:07:05Z

  • Improved: Improved share service reliability and optimised performance (0175348)
  • Security: Implement clickjacking defence (e3fd34e)

server-v2.4.9 - 2021-09-22T16:31:23Z

  • New: Add support for changing user own email (63e88c0)
  • Improved: Allow an admin to impersonate a user (03b4b6e)
  • Improved: Allow entering coupon code on Stripe checkout page (4577c9c)
  • Improved: Clear cookie when account has been deleted to allow viewing login page again (061761f)
  • Improved: Exclude certain queries from slow log (4e70ca6)
  • Improved: Handle Joplin Cloud failed subscription payments (a6b1cff)
  • Improved: Improved support for background tasks and added admin UI to view them (cd877f6)
  • Improved: Improved user list page (4d38397)
  • Improved: Link to Joplin Cloud signup page on login page (d850eed)
  • Improved: Manage subscription entirely from Stripe (7fac194)
  • Improved: Redirect to user page after changing a user (c91d4bd)
  • Improved: Rename admin button "Send reset password email" to more correct "Send account information email" (37d446b)
  • Improved: Sync deleted items first to allow fixing oversized accounts (43c594b)
  • Fixed: Fixed calculating total item size after an item has been deleted (024967c)

server-v2.4.8 - 2021-09-15T22:16:59Z

  • New: Added support for app level slow SQL query log (5e8b742)

server-v2.4.7 - 2021-09-15T15:58:46Z

  • Improved: Improve flag logic (c229821)
  • Fixed: Fixed handling of brute force limiter by getting correct user IP (3ce947e)

server-v2.4.6 - 2021-09-14T15:02:21Z

  • New: Add link to Stripe subscription page to manage payment details (4e7fe66)
  • New: Add transaction info to debug deadlock issues (01b653f)

server-v2.4.3 - 2021-09-02T17:49:11Z

  • New: Added Help page for Joplin Cloud (6520a48)
  • New: Added icon next to profile button (5805a41)
  • Improved: Display note title as page title when sharing note (82331c9)
  • Fixed: Fixed calculation of max sizes for Postgres (93a4ad0)

server-v2.4.2 - 2021-08-28T17:45:41Z

  • New: Add request rate limiter on session and login end points (543413d)
  • New: Add support for user flags (82b157b)
  • New: Added commands to control db migrations - list, down, up (2c79ce2)
  • Improved: Display user flags in profile when logged in as admin (4394329)
  • Improved: Handle flags for accounts over limit (6e087bc)
  • Improved: Increase cookies security - set HttpOnly, Secure and SameSite flags (bcadb36)
  • Improved: No longer install vim into the image (#5337 by @piotrb)
  • Improved: Re-enable account when new subscription is associated with it (ac82e4b)
  • Improved: Switch to node:16-bullseye base image (#5202 by @piotrb)
  • Fixed: Prevent crash when returning too many rows using SQLite (1efe3d3)
  • Fixed: Filenames with non-ascii characters could not be downloaded from published note (#5328)
  • Fixed: Fix missing CSS file error (#5309 by @whalehub)
  • Fixed: Fixed second duration (c7421df)

server-v2.3.7 - 2021-08-13T21:20:17Z

  • Fixed: Fix migrations (a9961ae)

server-v2.3.6 - 2021-08-13T20:59:41Z

  • Fixed: Fix migrations (f518549)

server-v2.3.5 - 2021-08-13T18:01:20Z

  • Fixed: Fixed pagination link styling (d42d181)

server-v2.3.4 - 2021-08-13T16:56:17Z

  • Improved: Allow setting email key to prevent the same email to be sent multiple times (391204c)
  • Improved: Clarify beta transition message (c4fcfec)
  • Improved: Disable upload for accounts with subscription failed payments (f14c74d)
  • Improved: Re-enable account when subscription is paid (4b5318c)
  • Improved: Set better filename and mime type for files downloaded via published notes (#5286)
  • Fixed: Fixed publishing of notes with HTML markup type (97726b0)
  • Fixed: Fix regression (6359c9c)
  • Fixed: Fixed layout of notes on mobile devices (#5269)

server-v2.2.11 - 2021-08-03T18:48:00Z

  • Improved: Disable beta account once expired (785248b)
  • Improved: Handle beta user upgrade (8910c87)
  • Improved: Prevent duplicate Stripe subscriptions and improved Stripe workflow testing (6ac22ed)
  • Fixed: Fixed support emails (724aa72)

server-v2.2.10 - 2021-08-01T10:04:53Z

  • Improved: Allows providing a coupon when creating the Stripe checkout session (b5b6111)

server-v2.2.9 - 2021-07-31T13:52:53Z

  • New: Add Docker major, minor and beta version tags (#5237 by @JackGruber)
  • New: Add support for Stripe yearly subscriptions (f2547fe)
  • Improved: Improve installation instructions (53b4d7a)
  • Fixed: Fixed certain URLs (282f782)
  • Fixed: Published notes that contain non-alphabetical characters could end up being truncated (#5229)

server-v2.2.8 - 2021-07-24T16:55:58Z

  • New: Added form tokens to prevent CSRF attacks (CVE-2021-23431) (19b45de)
  • Improved: Allow admin to change Stripe subscription (75a421e)
  • Improved: Allow enabling or disabling a user. Handle cancelling subscription. (27c3cbd)
  • Improved: Allow user to upgrade account (e83ab93)
  • Improved: Allow users to cancel Stripe subscription (b7e9848)
  • Improved: Clarify error message when user info cannot be saved (4567b78)
  • Improved: Explain how to use Joplin Server with a Joplin app (3f993af)
  • Improved: Handle Stripe webhook receiving multiple times the same event (252d069)
  • Improved: Make sure email URLs are displayed as clickable links (7245aea)
  • Improved: Moved email templates to separate files (6a93cb2)
  • Improved: Set default of env SUPPORT_EMAIL to "SUPPORT_EMAIL" to make it clear it needs to be set (92520e5)

server-v2.2.7 - 2021-07-11T17:31:42Z

  • New: Added support for resetting user password (62b6198)
  • Improved: Check password complexity (240cb35)
  • Improved: Disallow changing email address until a secure solution to change it is implemented (f8d2c26)
  • Fixed: Fixed mail queue as some emails were not being processed (89f4ca1)

server-v2.2.6 - 2021-07-09T15:57:47Z

  • New: Add Docker image labels (#5158 by @JackGruber)
  • Fixed: Fixed change processing logic (5a27d4d)
  • Fixed: Fixed styling of shared note (6c1a6b0)

server-v2.2.5 - 2021-07-03T21:40:37Z

  • Improved: Make app context immutable and derive the per-request context properties from it (e210926)

server-v2.2.4 - 2021-07-03T21:10:29Z

  • Fixed: Fixed issue with user sessions being mixed up (238cc86)

server-v2.2.3 - 2021-07-03T19:38:36Z

  • Fixed: Fixed size of a database field (264f36f)

server-v2.2.2 - 2021-07-03T18:28:35Z

  • Improved: Improved logging and reliability of cron tasks (d99c34f)
  • Improved: Only emit "created" event when new user is saved (8883df2)

server-v2.2.1 - 2021-07-03T15:41:32Z

  • New: Add support for account max total size (b507fbf)
  • Improved: Display max size info in dashboard (3d18514)
  • Improved: Hide "Is Admin" from dashboard (7447793)
  • Improved: Moved Joplin-specific context properties under its own namespace (bfa7ea7)
  • Improved: Normalize email addresses before saving them (427218b)
  • Improved: Remove dangerous "Delete all" button for now (125af75)

server-v2.1.6 - 2021-06-24T10:01:46Z

  • Fixed: Fixed accessing main website (Regression) (f868797)

server-v2.1.5 - 2021-06-24T08:26:38Z

  • New: Add support for X-API-MIN-VERSION header (51f3c00)

server-v2.1.4 - 2021-06-24T07:26:03Z

  • Improved: Split permission to share note or folder (0c12c7f)
  • Fixed: Fixed handling of max item size for encrypted items (112157e)
  • Fixed: Fixed transaction locking issue when a sub-transaction fails (12aae48)

server-v2.1.3 - 2021-06-19T14:15:06Z

  • New: Add support for uploading multiple items in one request (3b9c02e)

server-v2.1.1 - 2021-06-17T17:27:29Z

  • New: Added account info to dashboard and title to pages (7f0b3fd)
  • New: Added way to batch requests (currently disabled) (c682c88)
  • New: Added way to debug slow queries (e853244)
  • Improved: Hide Reset Password button when creating new users (ac03c08)
  • Improved: Sort users by name, then email (65c3d01)

server-v2.0.14 - 2021-06-17T08:52:26Z

  • Improved: Allow sending reset password email from admin UI (479237d)
  • Improved: Tokens would expire too soon (6ae0e84)

server-v2.0.13 - 2021-06-16T14:28:20Z

  • Improved: Allow creating a new user with no password, which must be set via email confirmation (1896549)
  • Improved: Allow creating a user with a specific account type from admin UI (ecd1602)
  • Fixed: Fixed error message when item is over the limit (ea65313)
  • Fixed: Fixed issue with user not being able to modify own profile (3c18190)

server-v2.0.12 - 2021-06-15T16:24:42Z

  • Fixed: Fixed handling of user content URL (31121c8)

server-v2.0.11 - 2021-06-15T11:41:41Z

  • New: Add navbar on login and sign up page (7a3a208)
  • New: Added option to enable or disable stack traces (5614eb9)
  • Improved: Handle custom user content URLs (a36b13d)
  • Fixed: Fixed error when creating user (594084e)

server-v2.0.9 - 2021-06-11T16:49:05Z

  • New: Add navbar on login and sign up page (7a3a208)
  • New: Added option to enable or disable stack traces (5614eb9)
  • Improved: Handle custom user content URLs (a36b13d)
  • Fixed: Fixed error when creating user (594084e)

server-v2.0.6 - 2021-06-07T17:27:27Z

  • New: Add Stripe integration (770af6a)
  • New: Add request duration to log (c8d7ecb)
  • New: Add terms and privacy page (db7b802)
  • New: Added way to disable signup page, and added links between signup and login pages (75d79f3)
  • Improved: Check share ID when uploading a note (3c41b45)
  • Improved: Load shared user content from correct domain (de45740)

server-v2.0.5 - 2021-06-02T08:14:47Z

  • New: Add version number on website (0ef7e98)
  • New: Added signup pages (41ed66d)
  • Improved: Allow disabling item upload for a user (f8a26cf)

server-v2.0.4 - 2021-05-25T18:33:11Z

  • Fixed: Fixed Item and Log page when using Postgres (ee0f237)

server-v2.0.3 - 2021-05-25T18:08:46Z

  • Fixed: Fixed handling of request origin (12a6634)

server-v2.0.2 - 2021-05-25T19:15:50Z

  • New: Add mailer service (ed8ee67)
  • New: Add support for item size limit (6afde54)
  • New: Added API end points to manage users (77b284f)
  • Improved: Allow enabling or disabling the sharing feature per user (daaaa13)
  • Improved: Allow setting the path to the SQLite database using SQLITE_DATABASE env variable (68e79f1)
  • Improved: Allow using a different domain for API, main website and user content (83cef7a)
  • Improved: Generate only one share link per note (e156ee1)
  • Improved: Go back to home page when there is an error and user is logged in (a24b009)
  • Improved: Improved Items table and added item size to it (7f05420)
  • Improved: Improved log table too and made it sortable (ec7f0f4)
  • Improved: Make it more difficult to delete all data (b01aa7e)
  • Improved: Redirect to correct page when trying to access the root (51051e0)
  • Improved: Use external directory to store Postgres data in Docker-compose config (71a7fc0)
  • Fixed: Fixed /items page when using Postgres (2d0580f)
  • Fixed: Fixed bug when unsharing a notebook that has no recipients (6ddb69e)
  • Fixed: Fixed deleting a note that has been shared (489995d)
  • Fixed: Make sure temp files are deleted after upload is done (#4540)

server-v2.0.1 - 2021-05-14T13:55:45Z

  • New: Add support for sharing notes via a link (ccbc329)
  • New: Add support for sharing a folder (#4772)
  • New: Added log page to view latest changes to files (874f301)
  • Fixed: Prevent new user password from being hashed twice (76c143e)
  • Fixed: Fixed crash when rendering note with links to non-existing resources or notes (07484de)
  • Fixed: Fixed error handling when no session is provided (63a5bfa)
  • Fixed: Fixed uploading empty file to the API (#4402)

server-v1.7.2 - 2021-01-24T19:11:10Z

  • Fixed: Fixed password hashing when changing password
  • Improved: Many other internal changes for increased reliability