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Joplin received 6 Contributor Projects for GSoC 2022!

· One min read

We are glad to announce that Google allocated us six projects this year for Google Summer of Code! So this is six contributors who will be working on various parts of the apps, both desktop and mobile, over the summer.

Over the next few weeks, till 13 June, will be the Community Bonding Period during which GSoC contributors get to know mentors, read documentation, and get up to speed to begin working on their projects.

Here's the full list of projects, contributors and mentors.

Project TitleContributorAssigned Mentor(s)
Improve PDF previewer of JoplinasrientRoman, JackGruber
Implement default plugins on desktop applicationmak2002CalebJohn, Laurent
Mobile — Easier EditingHenry HDaeraxa, CalebJohn
Improve plugin search and discoverabilityRetr0veJackGruber, Stefan
Tablet Layout ProjectTolu-MalsLaurent, Daeraxa
Email PluginBishoy Magdy AdeebStefan, Roman

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