Mindmap Joplin Plugin, i18n seven languages, Import Xmind|MindManager|json|md, Export json|png|md

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Maintainers: calandradas
Minimum app version:2.8
Downloads: This version:591
Last updated:2024-01-25T02:08:18Z

Kminder Mindmap Joplin Plugin

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Kminder Mindmap Joplin Plugin is a mindmap plug-in built on Baidu Brain Map opensource project Kity Minder.

Forked from xeden3's joplin-plugin-kity-minder project and made several modifications.



  • Supports export JSON, MD, and PNG, and import JSON and MD.

  • Now v0.8.6 Supports import Xmind and MindManager with their images, links, notes, markers, lables, priority, progress.

  • Supports loading local images into mindmap.

  • i18n now include English, 简体中文, 繁體中文, 日本語, Español, Français and Deutsch.

  • Supports switching between different languages, in Tools->Options->Plugins->Kminder Mindmap.


  • Others


Thanks to the following teams and individuals for their excellent work:

Compiling and Installation

git clone
npm install -g yo
npm install -g generator-joplin
yo joplin --update
npm run dist

Then follow the second step of the installation from file.

Installation from file

1.Download the latest version of file from and uncompress it.

2.Open Joplin's "Tools->Options->Plugins" menu, click on "Manage your plugins", select "Install from file", and select the corresponding calandra.kminder.joplin.jpl to install it.

How to use Kminder Mindmap Plugin

After the installation is complete, create a new note, and a brain icon will appear in the upper right corner of Joplin. Click it to enter the mind map editing mode. To edit an existing mindmap, you need to be in markdown mode. When the mouse is placed on the mindmap, an Edit icon will appear. Click it to enter the mind map editing mode.

List of commonly used shortcut keys:

Key Performing
tab New Child Item
shift+tab New Parent Item
enter New Sibling Item
alt+up Up Item
alt+down Down Item
ctrl+scroll Zoom In/Out
ctrl+c/ctrl+v Copy/New Child
ctrl+z/ctrl+y Undo/Redo

Other shortcut keys can be seen by right-clicking on items.

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