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Discord Rich Presence


A Discord Rich Presence Plugin For Joplin

Additional Information

Maintainers: mahancoder arash28134
Minimum app version:2.8
Downloads: This version:402
Last updated:2022-07-04T17:07:21Z

Joplin Discord Rich Presence Plugin

A simple plugin to show the current note that you are editing in Joplin as your Discord status.

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  • To install the plugin, download the jpl file from the latest release.

  • Then open Joplin ---> Tools ---> Options ---> Plugins ---> Gear icon ---> Install from file ---> Select the jpl file

  • Restart Joplin for changes to take effect.

Building the plugin

  • To build the plugin, simply run:
    npm run dist

Current issues

At the moment we have no way of detecting whether the app's window is open or it's minimized to tray, so even if the app is minimized, your status is gonna show as editing your last note.