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Maintainers: marc0l92
Minimum app version:2.2
Downloads: This version:6879
Last updated:2023-03-15T17:37:34Z

Joplin Plugin -

WARNING: I moved my notes to and I will not provide additional support for this plugin. Pull request are welcome.

This plugin allows you to create diagrams using the editor (aka.

This plugin needs an internet connection to work.

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Install the plugin

Automatic installation

Use the Joplin plugin manager to install it (Joplin > Options > Plugins). Search for

Manual installation

  • Download the last release from this repository.
  • Open Joplin > Options > Plugins > Install from File
  • Select the jpl file you downloaded.

Create new diagram

Use the tools menu to create a new diagram and paste it in the note.

The diagram will be inserted where the cursor is.

Tools menu

You can create your diagram using 2 different type of file format:

  • PNG: raster format
  • SVG: vectorial format

The sketch mode configures the diagram editor to simplify the hand drawing.

Edit diagram

If the plugin detects that the image is a diagram it will show an edit button on the top right when your mouse hover on the image.

Edit menu

The plugin identify an image as a diagram if the alternative text is drawio and if the resource title starts with drawio-.

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If you want to contribute to this plugin you can find here some useful references: