Render PlantUML diagram inside your Joplin notes.

Additional Information

Maintainers: marc0l92
Minimum app version:2.2
Downloads: This version:3270
Last updated:2023-01-14T22:07:17Z

Joplin Plugin - PlantUML2

WARNING: I moved my notes to and I will not provide additional support to this plugin. Pull request are welcome.

This plugin allows you to create UML diagrams using the syntax defined in

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Install the plugin

Automatic installation

Use the Joplin plugin manager to install it (Joplin > Options > Plugins). Search for PlantUML2.

Plugin Install

Manual installation

  • Download the last release from this repository.
  • Open Joplin > Options > Plugins > Install from File
  • Select the jpl file you downloaded.

Markdown syntax

Use the markdown fence syntax to create a new PlantUML diagram. Inside this block you can use the syntax documented at

Sequence Diagram Example

Syntax example:

Alice -> Bob: Authentication Request
Bob --> Alice: Authentication Response

Alice -> Bob: Another authentication Request
Alice <-- Bob: Another authentication Response

Rendering example:

Rendering example

MindMap Diagram Example

Syntax example:

* Debian
** Ubuntu
*** Linux Mint
*** Kubuntu
*** Lubuntu
*** KDE Neon
** SolydXK
** SteamOS
** Raspbian with a very long name
*** <s>Raspmbc</s> => OSMC
*** <s>Raspyfi</s> => Volumio

Rendering example:

Rendering example

Other functionalities

Context menu

Use the context menu (mouser right click) on the rendered diagram to copy the image or the url.

Context Menu

Menu shortcuts

If you don't remember the syntax to create a PlantUML diagram you can use the templates in the tools menu

Tools Menu

Links to other notes

You can create links to other notes inside the PlantUML diagram using the link joplin://<noteid>. This feature is only available when the rendering format Vector Image (svg) is selected.


* Recipes
** [[joplin://983de92ea39448a19e7c9a9b7c797bb0 Pasta]]
*** [[joplin://fdb2b25f0ec14864ba65c26a42404bb9 Lasagna]]
** [[joplin://e3880d97001546c79f1dc3584cc6b30d Pizza]]
** [[ Other]]

Links example


Use the plugin's options to define the rendering server and the output format.


Extra hints

  • The tag name is case insensitive
  • This plugin is not compatible with WYSIWYG editor
  • In order to make the diagram visible while exporting the note, an image cache is created on disk. The cache is located at ${temp}/joplin-plantUml2-plugin/

Known issues

List of plantUml rendering issues that cannot be solved because not related to this plugin but to the official server.

Rendering of math formulas

Code: #3

Problem: Latex math formulas cannot be rendered as svg images


skinparam handwritten true
note right
Try also
<latex>P(y|\mathbf{x}) \mbox{ or } f(\mathbf{x})+\epsilon</latex>
end note

Workaround: Modify in the plugin options the rendering mode to Raster image (png)


If you want to contribute to this plugin you can find here some useful references: