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Save Note as MD


Simple plugin to export your current note as an MD file to the directory of your choice

Additional Information

Maintainers: joshthor
Minimum app version:2.8
Downloads: This version:876
Last updated:2023-02-04T06:36:54Z

Joplin Plugin - Save Note as MD

This is a simple plugin that allows for quick and easy export of the current note as a .md file in the folder of your choosing. The goal of this plugin is to allow for an easy way to share specific notes with friends or colleagues without having to export and navigate your entire Joplin database. This plugin adds a small file export button to the toolbar in the editing window. After your export path is set, simply click that to save your file. Optional confirmation window can be enabled in the settings to provide visual confirmation that your file is saved, if you prefer.


  1. Download the latest release
  2. Unzip the file
  3. In Joplin go to Settings > Plugins > Install plugin from file
  4. Upload the com.joshthor.export.jpl file
  5. Restart Joplin


  1. Go to Settings > File Export Settings
  2. Set the folder where you want the .md files to be saved
  3. Navigate to the note you want to export
  4. Click the "Export as MD" button in the toolbar
  5. The note will be saved as a .md file in the folder you specified



  • Added a "Swap spaces for dashes" option to the settings. Off by default. Enabling will replace spaces in the file name with dashes. This is useful if you want to use the file name in a URL or do a lot of terminal work.
  • Swapped slashes for dashes in the file name to prevent unnecessary folder creation.


  • Added a "Show confirmation dialog" option to the settings. Off by default. Enabling makes a popup on save to give the user feedback. Can be disabled cause its annoying.
  • Added a popup when the save icon is clicked if the path is not set to prevent user confusion.