Opens a random note from your workspace

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Maintainers: marph
Minimum app version:1.7
Downloads: This version:33
Last updated:2024-02-11T17:08:04Z

Joplin Random Note Reloaded

The plugin opens a note at random from your vault, after installing the plugin you can create a custom hotkey that opens a note at random, or use the default hotkey Ctrl+Alt+R.

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  • Open Joplin and navigate to Preferences > Plugins
  • Search for Random Note Reloaded and click on install
  • Restart Joplin to enable the plugin


  • Open Joplin and navigate to Tools > Options > Plugins
  • Search for the Random Note Reloaded plugin
  • Press Delete to remove the plugin completely
    • Alternatively you can also disable the plugin by clicking on the toggle button
  • Restart Joplin


  • Open random a random note by hotkey, toolbar button or menu
  • Exclude notes or notebooks (by right-click)
  • Exclude finished todos (by settings)
  • Get random notes from specific notebooks only (by right-click)


Default Hotkey

By default you can use the hotkey Ctrl+Alt+R to open a random note.

Tool bar button

Click on the 🔀 icon to open a random note.

Set Hotkey

  • Open Joplin and navigate to Preferences > Plugins Settings
  • Select Random Note Reloaded, you will find the following options
  • Show Tool Bar Button Shows Random Note icon on tool bar for quick shortcut to open random note
  • Use Custom Hotkey Select this option if you want to use a custom hotkey to open random notes
  • Enter Custom Hotkey Enter your custom Hotkey
  • Click Apply when done, and restart Joplin for changes to take effect


The npm package of the plugin can be found here.

Building the plugin

If you want to build the plugin by your own simply run npm run dist.

Install Built plugin

  • Open Joplin Configuration > Plugins section
  • Under Advanced Settings, add the plugin path in the Development plugins text field.
  • This should be the path to your main plugin directory, i.e. path/to/your/root/plugin/directory.

Updating the plugin framework

To update the plugin framework, run npm run update.