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Enhance the markdown editor with live preview for math, mermaid, link, image, and more. It also includes other features for markdown rendering.

Additional Information

Maintainers: septemberhx
Minimum app version:2.7
Downloads: This version:6973
Last updated:2023-05-05T09:06:21Z

Joplin Plugin Enhancement

Generate from the Joplin plugin template:

It contains several enhancement for both codemirror and markdown renderer.



Pseudocode block:


Highlight.js based codeblocks


Allow following md works:

![Your Figure Caption Here](/path/to/your/img){width=60%}

This plugin can:

  • Specific the width/height of the image with {width=80px}, {height=30}, {width=50%}
  • Render the image ![]() in a <figure> block with figcaption
  • Use the alt attribute as the figure caption, and display the caption under the image if not empty
  • Center alignment for image and caption
  • Automatic image numbering

Cat and Dog


Auto add row/column, delete column, and format table.

This part mainly comes from takumisoft68: vscode-markdown-table. Please refer to it for the feature description. I just convert the code from vscode's editor to joplin's codemirror. :)

Because I have no idea how to create a context menu, currently all the operations are triggered by shortcut:

Function Shutcut
Insert a row above/below ctrl + shift + up/down
Insert a column left/right ctrl + shift + left/right
Delete current column ctrl + shift + backspace
Navigate to previous cell tab
Navigate to next cell shift + tab
  1. It will automatically format your table code for alignment when navigation between cells with tab
  2. A new line is appended when trying to navigate to next cell from the last cell

Table column colorize from the plugin: hieuthi/joplin-plugin-markdown-table-colorize


Admonition Renderer in markdown editor

It supports both !!! style and ::: style admonitions.

You still need Admonition markdown extension plugin installed to render admonitions in the preview window & PDF exports. This plugin only renders admonitions in the markdown editor.

Admonition Editor Renderer

Enhanced blockquote support

  • It supports [color=red] item in blockquote area so that the blockquote can be rendered with the given color border.
  • [name=SeptemberHX] and [date=20220202]
  • Automatically fold the [xxx=xxx] to keep the editor clean



Inline/Block math renderer in markdown editor

It significantly hurts your joplin's performance for now, especially with lots of math block. Please refer to

Disabled by default

Image Imgur Imgur

Mermaid renderer in markdown editor


Search & Replace

Code mainly comes from

Current Bug: Cannot save after replacement. User needs to manually modify the note to save the change (for example: add a space) It is disabled by default


Border for indent list in markdown editor



Clickable task checkbox in markdown editor

Codes mainly comes from Zettlr


Header tag render in markdown editor

It shares the same configuration as with the clickable task checkbox

Code mainly comes from Zettlr


Toggle Sidebar and Note List panel together

A button on the note toolbar to toggle the sidebar and note list panel together.

It should be useful when the horizontal space of your screen is tight :)


Render Front Matter to Nothing

It just renders the front matter to nothing. It is helpful when you try to keep the front matter part and avoid the unwanted rendered content.


Local file preview

Currently only local pdf file can be previewed.

Quick Commands

Type /command in the editor for quick input of table, mermaid, etc.

  • /table
  • /graph
  • /flowchart
  • /sequenceDiagram
  • /gantt
  • /classDiagram
  • /erDiagram
  • /journey
  • /now
  • /tommorow
  • /today

link/image/footnote renderer in the editor

Only single line image/link can be previewed. ctrl/meta + left click on the rendered widgets can open the urls/files

Link preview only works with PDF/video/audio files

Inline link and image are folded only.




Building the plugin

The plugin is built using Webpack, which creates the compiled code in /dist. A JPL archive will also be created at the root, which can use to distribute the plugin.

To build the plugin, simply run npm run dist.

The project is setup to use TypeScript, although you can change the configuration to use plain JavaScript.

Updating the plugin framework

To update the plugin framework, run npm run update.

In general this command tries to do the right thing - in particular it's going to merge the changes in package.json and .gitignore instead of overwriting. It will also leave "/src" as well as untouched.

The file that may cause problem is "webpack.config.js" because it's going to be overwritten. For that reason, if you want to change it, consider creating a separate JavaScript file and include it in webpack.config.js. That way, when you update, you only have to restore the line that include your file.

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