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Highlight Matching


Marks words that match the highlighted selection

Additional Information

Maintainers: daeraxa
Minimum app version:2.6
Downloads: This version:2406
Last updated:2022-02-15T14:05:07Z

Joplin Highlight Matching Plugin

This plugin highlights words that match what the user has highlighted in the editor.


Simply toggle the plugin on and highlight a word, matching strings will also be highlighted.

The plugin activates the CodeMirror addon search/match-highlighter with the default options set. The background highlighting is provided by CSS matching the new CSS class of .cm-matchhighlight. This can be overridden using CSS in userchrome.css with the !important option.


Currently the options for match-highlight are hard coded but I'll be looking at exposing some of them to the Joplin settings in a future version.

Known issues & limitations

  • Can't currently see a way of only highlighting if the highlighted word occurs >1 - default behaviour of the addon is to apply .cm-matchhightlight to anything highlighted.
  • Does not respect the application theme yet - by default the highlight match is the same colour as provided by the default light theme highlight colour. See the usage section to amend the highlight colour manually. For reference:
    • Light mode = #d7d4f0
    • Dark mode = #6b6b6b