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Simple Highlighter


Highlight/dehighlight the selected text

Additional Information

Maintainers: kensam94
Minimum app version:1.0
Downloads: This version:2139
Last updated:2022-09-24T13:06:59Z


Simple highlighter to highlight the selected text by wrapping == around the selected text. Able to dehighlight the word using same button / command.


  • Highlight style follows the markdown stylesheet. To customise the style, go to Tools → Options → Appearance → Show Advanced Settings → Custom stylesheet for rendered Markdown
    mark {
        /* Sample style. Sets the background and font colour of user highlighted text (==mark==) */
        background-color: red;
        color: white;
  • Please select all highlighted text to dehighlight properly. Selecting the == is optional. Refer to the GIF above

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