offline OCR auto/manually for images, videos, pdf documents in your Joplin notes

Additional Information

Maintainers: ylc395
Minimum app version:2.2
Downloads: This version:6046
Last updated:2021-12-01T04:04:30Z

Joplin OCR

This plugin is still in development stage.Everything may change, but some features are available now.

Feature & UI suggestions / bug reports are welcome!


All of them work offline, except for downloading language package(s) on first time usage

  • OCR for local/remote images
  • OCR for local/remote videos
  • OCR for local PDFs

Auto Recognition(images only) is available:

User Guide

Before starting using this plugin, please set the Language codes:

All available Language Code can be found at

In Note View Panel, click the icon on top-right corner to start OCR