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Note Link System


A complete Link System for Joplin. Referrer(aka. backlink), Quick Link, Copy Anchor, Hover to preview, Url Icon, and much more feature

Additional Information

Maintainers: ylc395
Minimum app version:2.2
Downloads: This version:6969
Last updated:2022-04-07T02:35:15Z

Joplin Note Link System



All features can be turn on/off.

Main Feature 1: Referrers

  • Show referrer list on panel or markdown view(auto or manually)
  • Display reference's detail of every referrer
  • Show referrer of every element with id
  • Jump and scroll to reference

Main Feature 2: Quick Link

This feature helps you make quick link to note or element with id, and auto select title text so you can updated it.

Main Feature 3: Quick Copy Element URL

Left click will copy title + url; Right click is for url only.

Main Feature 4: Preview local/remote URL

Main Feature 5: Set Id for text to make it as link target

Main Feature 6: Show website icon for url

Editor and/or viewer.



Basically, this plugin is inspired by:


  • Style beautifying
  • An Outlink panel to show links(to other Joplin note or Web page) in current note.
  • display metadata of referrer
  • ...

Any PR / Issue / Discussion is welcome!

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