Joplin brand guidelines

All the variations of Joplin logo are all front facing.
To ensure a clarity and legibility of design, the logo should always be surrounded by a clear space.

Lockup logo

Joplin lockup is the main logo. It is used for products and marketing communications. To ensure sufficient contrast and readability, two following versions of the lockup are provided.

Blue text version to be used on bright background.


White text version to be used
on dark background.


Brandmark logo

The classic brandmark icon is often used on a bright background to help increase the contrast. It is a reduced version of a logo which should be used in limited spacing or when using a full name is not necessary.

Joplin tagline

Our tagline is an invitation to capture your thoughts and securely access them from any device.


Two core colour palettes can be used while representing the brand. The accent colours are used to highlight
important elements and support the colours of the core palettes.

Primary colours

Dark blue

HEX - 043873



Dark gray

HEX - 32363F

Accent colours

Light blue

HEX - 4F9CF9


HEX - FFE492

Allowed variations of
primary colours

Variant dark

HEX - 072445

Variant white


Variant dark gray

HEX - 212529

Allowed variations of
accent colours

Variant light blue



Font-family: Montserrat
Montserrat is a typeface chosen for its great readability. It is used as a default font. Sans-serif font should be used when Montserrat is not available.

Connector element

The graphic element that represents the connection between the components, files and data. It's Joplin's signature element present in application's website as well as in marketing communications.


We uses vector art illustration . It ensures high quality images in any scale, large or small. All the illustrations come from and are personalised to match the Joplin's colours.


It is a reference to process of note taking on paper. It is used to emphasize words in the titles. There are two
variations of the element:

Yellow version under dark text

Light blue version under white text

Tone of voice


We believe that transparency is key to honest and successful communication. We remain trustworthy and genuine in engaging with our users and Joplin community.

As an open-source project we stay open-minded and enthusiastic about new ideas and solutions. At the same time we continue to be professional to honour the trust the users place in us.

We appreciate the value the users bring to our product and therefore we keep our tone friendly and welcoming .