Joplin Cloud plans

Joplin Cloud allows you to synchronise your notes across devices. It also lets you publish notes, and collaborate on notebooks with your friends, family or colleagues.


What is Joplin Cloud?

Joplin Cloud allows you to synchronise your notes automatically to all your devices. Moreover, this service gives you access to additional features:

  • Publish a note to the internet and share it with others. The published note will be updated automatically whenever you make a change.

  • Collaborate on a notebook with other Joplin Cloud users. You can share a notebook with other users who will then have full access to it - they can read, change or add more notes, images or documents to the notebook. This is convenient to work on ideas or on a project with others.

  • Improved sync performances. Compared to other sync options, Joplin Cloud, being developed specifically for Joplin, is faster and consumes less resources.

Moreover, by getting a subscription you are supporting the development of the project as a whole, including the open source applications. Such support is needed in the long term to provide bug and security fixes, add new features, and provide support.

What if I exceed the storage space?

If you exceed the storage space, you will not be able to upload new notes. You may however delete notes and attachments so as to free up space. If you are on a Basic plan, you may also upgrade to Pro. If you are on a Pro or Business plan please contact us and let us know that you need more space and we will increase your storage space.

Do you offer discounts?

We offer a 50% Education Discount for students and teachers. To claim it, please contact us from your university or school email address. You will then receive a URL you can use to subscribe to Joplin Cloud while benefiting from the 50% discount. This is valid for a whole year and can be renewed for as long as you are in education by contacting us again.

We may also offer bulk discounts for companies, associations and nonprofit organisations. Please contact us for more details.