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Publishing a note with Joplin Cloud

Joplin Cloud allows you to publish a note to the internet to share it with any user. You simply give the URL and the recipient will see the note and any attached images, and the note will also be updated any time you change something.

To publish a note, you will need the Joplin desktop application. You can right-click on any note and select "Publish note..." from the context menu. You can also select multiple notes, and each will have its own publish link.

After that a dialog opens showing you the note - from there you just need to click on "Copy shareable link" to create the share link and copy it to the clipboard.

You can then share this link with anyone and they will be able to see the note in their browser:

Unpublishing a note

After publishing a note, it can be unpublished by right-clicking on it in the desktop application, and selecting "Publish note..."

From there, clicking on the "Share" icon will unpublish the note.