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Joplin Cloud Teams feature

Joplin Cloud's Teams functionality enables the efficient administration of multiple users within a team. Serving as a centralized hub, it provides an overview of all users within your organisations, facilitating easy addition or removal of members. Billing is consolidated, ensuring a single monthly or yearly invoice, based on your chosen plan. The billing is automatically adjusted in accordance with the number of team members.

Setting up your team

To setup your Team, open the Team tab at the top of the page. From there you can set the number of members in your team or change the team name.

Inviting members to your team

To invite a member to your team, go to the Members tag. From there, add one or multiple emails (separated by commas) and click "Invite members".

These members will receive an email with a link they will need to follow in order to accept the invitation. You can see which members have accepted the invitation or not in the Members table on that same page.

Removing a member from your team

To remove a member from your team click on the Profile icon (👤) for that user, then click on "Remove user".